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2 What is a Resume? A one page summary of your skills, education, and experience. An advertisement for yourself One of the most important pieces of writing you will ever create A solid resume is the key that will open the door to good jobs

3 A. Less than 30 seconds B. 3 Minutes C. 1 Minute How long do employers typically look at a resume?

4 Heading – name, address, phone number, email address Objective – a one sentence explanation of the type of job you are seeking Education – school, dates of attendance or graduation date Experience – previous employers, location, dates of employment, job title, job duties (use action verbs) Activities – school or community Summary of Skills – relevant to the employer What should be included in a resume?

5 How do I set up a resume? Use section headers Major headers – Objective, Education, Employment History/Work Experience, School Activities Minor headers – Computer Experience, Certifications, Relevant Courses, Volunteer Experience Most young people use a Chronological Format It follows your work history backward from your current job Stick to one format Use action phrases and match your skills and experience with the employer’s needs

6 Use white or off-white professional weight paper and black ink Avoid using colored paper or fancy graphics unless the job you are applying for is in a career area that might stress this type of formatting Print on a quality laser printer When sending a resume to an employer or college, don’t skimp!

7 It is an advertisement to get you the interview Make sure your resume is PERFECT! Limit the resume to one page Use 1” margins and at least 10-point font size Avoid using bold, italics, and underline too much Emphasize your accomplishments Tell the truth Choose words carefully; sound positive and confident Avoid using “I” Resume Tips and Suggestions

8 Accept Organize Design Handle Train Encourage Participate Prepare Control Plan Arrange Guide Promote Inform Cooperate Coordinate Action verbs for your resume

9 SAMPLE RESUMES Two Sample Resumes for High School Students

10 RESUME TEMPLATE Resume Template in Word

11 Your resume is due next Monday!

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