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Sacobia Development Plan Camping Holiday Destination

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1 Sacobia Development Plan Camping Holiday Destination

2 Project Details Location: Sacobia Valley, Clark Next Frontier (Sitio Sta. Rosa) Proponent: Aeta Community of Sacobia Partners: CDC, DOT thru Asec. Janet Lazatin, PTA, Cong. Lazatin, Bamban LGU

3 The Current Tourism Product
Sacobia with 5,612 ha. with lush virgin forest, mountain peaks, valleys and hills Prolific waterfalls, surging streambeds, natural springs Presence of indigenous community Appeal to both local and foreign tourists

4 Sacobia Development Sacobia’s tourism appeal is relatively unknown
DOT and CDC see its potential to become a CAMPING HOLIDAY DESTINATION Coupled with activities like ecotourism, cross-cultural exchange, mountain climbing, trekking, biking, cave exploration, tree-top adventure, among others

5 Sacobia Capacity to become a showcase for ecotourism development and environmental protection and conservation Total wellness and prime holiday destination in the region

6 Vision Promote Sacobia as a major camping destination rich in cultural and eco-sports activities Contribute towards development of Clark as a major tourist destination Create a diversity of activities for local and foreign tourists

7 Ecotourism Goals Ensure the conservation of the natural and cultural environment (conservation) Enhance the quality of life of local host population (rural economy) Ensure the improvement of available tourism products and services for the enjoyment of visitors

8 Objectives Provide visitors into Clark a wellspring of opportunities for adventure, ecotourism, sports and recreation Provide livelihood and job opportunities for local host population Increase visitor traffic to Clark and its nearby towns in Pampanga

9 Strategy Reputation as one of the few remaining virgin forests
Presence of Pinatubo-affected culture-bound communities Presence of indigenous culture Proximity to Mt. Pinatubo crater (2-day trekking)

10 Strategy Proximity to Clark and international airport
Availability of existing structures: admin building, housing units, dormitory, dining facility (CDC property) Availability of natural amenities for camping, trekking, mountain climbing, caving, river rafting, river crossing, biking, rapelling – all favorable for a multi-sport activity

11 Secondary Strategy Local agricultural industries such as farming, livestock-raising, orchid farming Local cultural activities like katutubo dance rituals, with native food showcase (binulo), including local fiesta celebration

12 Approach to Development
Low impact on the local economy Low level of interpretation, visitation Provide tourism a jumpstart and mobilize the local tourism economy Low impact development ensure better control over visitor movement and activities Ensure protection of the environment

13 Anchor Attraction Camping holiday activity as anchor with initial fifty (50) units of impermanent dome tents made of polyethylene tarp Each camp site consists of open garage and a grillery for barbeque Location (Sta. Rosa) is near a surging streambed emanating from a prolific waterfall from above (Mataba Fall)

14 Anchor Attraction Augurs well for multi-sport activity (triathlon or mountain biking) Camping holiday destination in the country remain undiscovered frontiers Camping holidays have potential to draw tourists Camping destination need not be costly using local indigenous materials

15 Anchor Attraction Camping offers enriching opportunity for visitor education and self-enhancement Opportunities for group-oriented activities like team building sessions and other outdoor living exercises Development of wellness center for total rejuvenation for mind, soul and body

16 Recommendations Setting up fifty (50) units of camping tents with open garage and grillery on both sides Availability of at least twenty (20) units of mountain bicycles for rent Conduct of competitive multi-sport events Community organization and skills training for local guides and assistants

17 Recommendations Construction of four (4) units of toilets with showers
Marketing and promotions / advertising (production of flyers, maps and leaflets)

18 Notes Low impact development using IMPERMANENT materials and equipment
Anytime, structures may be removed and transferred upon demand Clearing of area for camping Use of local materials


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