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Textbook Scavenger Hunt

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1 Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Civics: Government and Economics in Action


3 Index How many pages does the index have? Where is it located?
Locate and write a key topic that has several pages of information. Find a topic that has a single page listed.

4 Index Begins on page 748 and ends on page 765.
Banks and Banking has multiple pages of information Algeria has one page of information listed.

5 Table of Contents How many pages does the Table of Contents have?
Where is it located? How many sections are there? List three sections that interest you.

6 Table of Contents The Table of Contents begins on page IV and ends on page XI. The Table of Contents is located in the front of the book. There are nine sections. We will be focussing on Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 7, and Unit 8

7 Glossary How many pages does the Glossary have? Where is it located?
What kind of information does it contain? How can a glossary help you?

8 Glossary The Glossary begins on page 732 and ends on page 739.
It is located at the back of the book. It contains definitions of important vocabulary. It can help you understand the content of the book

9 Chapters Look at the first page of a chapter. What information is there? Look at the last page of a chapter. What do you find there? How can this help you?

10 Chapters The first page of the chapter contains:
Objectives: This are the learning goals for the chapter Key Terms: This is the important vocab Main Idea: This is a summary of the information in the chapter Target Reading Skill: This is the skill that is focussed on in the chapter. Taking Notes: Hints for taking good notes in the chapter

11 Chapters The last pages of the chapter are the chapter assessment. This will help you review the material learned and prepare for tests.

12 BOLDFACED WORDS List three boldfaced words in the same chapter.
What do they mean? In what ways can you use a textbook to find meanings of words?

13 BOLDFACED WORDS Demography: The study of size, growth, and distribution of human populations. Sunbelt: warm weather states. Service jobs: jobs in which a person makes a living by providing a service for other people. THE DEFINITIONS FOR BOLDFACED WORDS CAN USUALLY BE FOUND WITH THE WORD

14 Photographs Find a photograph in the book. List the page number and description. Write a caption for your chosen picture

15 Photographs This picture is located on page 21 and shows Dr. Martin Luther King leading a protest to gain civil rights for miniorites. A caption might be CITIZENS FIGHT FOR RIGHTS Pictures sometimes get overlooked in text, but they add meaning to content. They are printed for a reason and contain information that is needed for understanding

16 Visual Aids Find an example of a visual aid and list the page number and description. Explain what this visual aid can teach you.

17 Visual Aids This visual aid explains different propaganda techniques. The aid gives specific examples of each of the techniques and a picture to help you remember the meaning.

18 Other Features What other features did you find in your text?
How do they help you learn new information?

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