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Alcohol Alcohol related accidents is the number one cause of death among teenagers!

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2 Alcohol Alcohol related accidents is the number one cause of death among teenagers!

3 Alcohol Alcohol is considered a drug because it changes a person’s physical & emotional state (also known as intoxication)  Classified as a depressant  All forms of alcohol are dangerous

4 Terms Chemical Dependency: drug addicted or alcoholic Tolerance: needing more and more to get the same high Withdrawal: symptoms experienced when one doesn't get the drug they are addicted to. People differ in how much they are prone to get addicted to drugs.

5 Reasons to NOT Drink… Accidents Arrest, fines, criminal record Loss of control Risky or inappropriate activity (date rape) Negative personality changes (fights, aggressive behavior) Impaired judgments and coordination Reduced awareness Physical damage to the body Addiction, depression, low self-esteem Values, standards, goals

6 Reasons to NOT Drink…(physical dangers) hang over (diuretic) brain damage Liver damage – Cirrhosis Impotence & infertility Muscle atrophy Stomach ulcers coma & death osteoporosis – weak bones distorted vision slurred speech, dulls taste damages throat – cancer cancer – intestines, bladder heart disease, stroke



9 Effects of the BAC on the Body and on Performance BAC by %Effects on the body.01 -.05 Heart and respiratory rates rise Decrease in various brain center function Inconsistent ability to perform basic tasks..06 -.10 Decreased alertness, slow reaction, impaired coordination and judgment..10 -.15 Dramatic decrease in reaction time Impairment of balance and movement Slurred speech and vomiting.16 -.19 Severe sensory and motor impairment.30 -.39 Loss of consciousness, death for many.40 and up Unconsciousness Death, usually from respiratory failure

10 Know Your Limit Number of Drinks in One Hour Approximate Blood Alcohol Content

11 Comparison of Alcohol Content 12 oz BEER X 4% alcohol.48 oz pure alcohol 4 oz WINE X 12% alcohol.48 oz pure alcohol 1.2 oz LIQUOR X 40% alcohol.48 oz pure alcohol Per drink = 1 hour to recover

12 Zero Tolerance ( under 21) UU nder 21 = BAC of 0 (zero!!!!!!) WW hat happens if caught? AA rrest LL oss of drivers license EE xpensive fines CC ommunity service PP ossible jail time DD UI Treatment Program DD UI convictions stay on a driver's record for 13 years

13 How much does a DUI Cost? Estimated to be more than $5,540  Fines/penalties………………….…………..$1,500  Tow/impound Fee…………………………..$190  DUI Treatment Program……………………$550  Insurance Increase………………………..$2,700  Restitution Fund……………………...……..$500  DMV Reissue Fee……………………..……$100  TOTAL APPROXIMATE COST………...…$5,540

14 Getting Home Safe & Sober DD on’t drink PP lan ahead HH ave an arrangement with family member to pick you up if need be CC all a cab WW alk




18 Drunk Driving Penalties MALAYSIA: Jail, & If Married, Your Partner Goes Too. AUSTRALIA: Names Sent To Local Newspaper & Print “HE”S A DRUNK IN JAIL.” TURKEY: Drunk Drivers Taken 20 Miles From Town & Forced To Walk Back Under Supervision. NORWAY: 3 Weeks In Jail With Hard Labor & 1-Year Loss Of License.

19 POLAND: Jail, Fine & Forced To Attend political Lectures. FINLAND & SWEDEN: Automatic 1-Year Jail Sentence With Hard Labor. COSTA RICA: Police Remove Plates From Car. ENGLAND: 1-Year Drivers License Suspension & $250 Fine & 1 Year In Jail. FRANCE: Loss Of License For 3 Years, 1 Year In Jail, & $1,000 Fine.

20 Russia: License revoked for life SOUTH AFRICA: 10-Year Prison Sentence Or $10,000 Fine Or Both. BULGARIA: 2nd Conviction Results In Execution. EL SAVADOR: 1st Offense Results In Execution By Firing Squad.

21 Saying No To Alcohol  Buy yourself time  Give good reason why you choose not to drink  State consequences  Say NO firmly  Say NO again & include alternative activity  Walk away

22 California Statistics 2002:  there were 20,633 traffic collisions that involved alcohol On an average day, 4 college students die in accidents involving alcohol An alcohol related car crash kills someone every 33 minutes & injures someone every 2 minutes ~3 in 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol related crash at sometime in their lives

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