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Down Syndrome Association of Kosova www. Driton Bajraktari, Executive Director.

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1 Down Syndrome Association of Kosova www. Driton Bajraktari, Executive Director

2 6 th WDSD 2011 in KOSOVA

3 INFORMATION ABOUT PEOPLE WITH DOWN SYNDROME IN KOSOVA How many are they? There is luck of general data, census 2011, no updated data yet. - 649 up dated, DSK data base system Do they go to school? NO accrued data from public institutions. Since 2007, 52 student are registered in pre-primary and primary school- public system of education, know as regular.

4 Do they find a job? No jobs for people with Down syndrome. DSK in 18 th November 2008 have start the Programme X21- coffee shop. 6 adults with DS are working in coffee shop, and hosted by Parent Support Group-tool of DSK. How much their life can be independent? There is no programme for independent living, and limited recourses within the country. What are their political rights? Do they exercise them? The legal framework has been up dated recently, antidiscrimination act, 2008 Policies: National Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan. National Disability Action Plan 2009-2011, Strategy of children's rights 2009-2014, Strategy of organizing the inclusive education 2011-2016. They have a right to vote. Usually they don’t exercise it.

5 WHO AND WHERE WE ARE Year of establishment –2007, 4 th of march, from parents of individuals with DS, –Tow instruments/tools-PSG and Team of professionals in Health- medical, Inclusive Education, speech therapist, physiotherapists and psychology –Legal status –non-political and not-for-profit association, legally registered in Ministry of Public administration, Government Kosova Staff –21 employees, 4 in HQ, 17 in 6 local branches and 9 volunteers, mostly students. Nationwide organizational structure Members Assembly, annual meeting, yearly -each march. Annual budget and main funding sources 7,400 euro in 2007, 23,400 euro 2008,. 112,091 euro; 2009, 132,192.88 euro 2010 Donor agencies, private business sector and local institutions.

6 Organization Values Express the belief of the community regarding potential and the will of the people with Down syndrome for their full inclusion and integration in society. DSK, is against etiquettes other terms used in public for persons with down syndrome. Always act on behalf of persons with Down syndrome while calling them on their real names, or when you describe a person, child, or a kid, refer to: affected by Down Syndrome with a scientific terminology Trisome 21 Our Vision For equal opportunities in society, by respecting fully human rights, human diversity for every single person with Down Syndrome, towards improvement of the leaving standard and development in general of the persons affected with Down Syndrome. Strategic Objectives I. Increase the level of awareness of parents, family members, institutions and the society in general for persons affected by Down syndrome. II. Creation of sustainable and long-term partnerships with Central and Local Institutions and NGOs of persons with Disabilities in national and international sphere. III. Ensuring inclusive support for persons affected with Down syndrome; offering professional health services, inclusion into educational system, primary and secondary education and opportunities for integrated employment. IV. Ensuring professional and financial support for Resource Centers, programs and workshops for persons affected by Syndrome Down, from Central and Local institutions, private business and donors. Programs Early Education and Intervention (EEI), for children with Syndrome Down, parent, tutors and professionals (Program EEI recently was accreditation from MEST, No.34/11 date 19 January 2011) Education for parents, through mobilization, family visits, trainings and lectures on specific subject. (Accreditation from MEST, No.35/11, date 19 January 2011) Programme X21-Training programs for independent life, professional capacity building for employment.(actually running in Prishtina –coffee shop and in Prizren through ice cream shop).

7 OUR ACTIVITIES Target groups (disability and age) –Community with Down syndrome, –Representatives of government institutions, public services –Civil society and Media Main activities of the organisation: DSK works in as following : –Advocacy –Social services – Education – Training Innovation policy (pilot projects developed, strong points) –Inclusive education strategy 2011-2016. –Programme x21 –Re-socialisation, training and employment of adults with Down syndrome.

8 Achivements


10 Past and present activities funded by the European Commission as promoter and as partner Actually, 24 month funding project Advocacy for Early intervention Program for children with additional education needs.,





15 Acceded - Program Early Intervention and Education from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, No.34/11 date 19 January 2011)

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