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We are going to build up a portfolio of case study examples on migration. These will include: 1. Voluntary economic migrants in the EU = Poland to UK.

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Presentation on theme: "We are going to build up a portfolio of case study examples on migration. These will include: 1. Voluntary economic migrants in the EU = Poland to UK."— Presentation transcript:

1 We are going to build up a portfolio of case study examples on migration. These will include: 1. Voluntary economic migrants in the EU = Poland to UK. FOCUS = Impacts on host and source country. 2. Voluntary economic migrants international – Mexico to USA. FOCUS = Push and pull and Economic/social/environmental impacts 3. Forced Migration – Dafur (Sudan) to Chad. Focus = cause ad impacts of forced migration. 4. Internal migration – rural to urban in UK – FOCUS = causes and history and the impacts Eastbourne. 5. Internal migration LEDC – Brazil rural to urban – FOCUS = You must research the push and pull factors and the impacts of this migration.

2 MIGRANT WORKERS TO THE UK k_politics/7677419.stm k_politics/7677419.stm

3 IMPACT OF MIGRANTS Use the WJEC p19 - 21 create a table similar to the one below. Hand-out. Use the next two slides to add to your table – it will take a whole page AdvantagesDisadvantages Receiving / Host Country Source Country

4 Many migrants remain poor and live suffering ongoing poverty. Immigrants may not integrate Impacts face language problems Tensions build up with native people e.g. Bradford Riots. Jobs done cheaply e.g. Jobs row in Steel Works February 2009 Overcome labour shortages e.g. After WW2 Different cultures are introduced Impacts of migration on receiving country Help countries with ageing populations and population decline as immigrants are usually of working age. Allows country to develop further Strain on schools, health service and housing. Money sent out of country as remittance Many immigrants are skilled. Environment put under pressure with demands for more housing and resources. Shade in yellow – economic green enviro and red social

5 Impacts of migration on exporting countries Migrants may return with new skills to help development Brain drain Damage to environment is lessened Family stress if split up for a long time. Remittance sent home to increase standards of living. Less unemployment Migrants tend to be of working age leaving an aging population

6 The impact of migration on population in the UK

7 Impact of Migrants to the UK Read the newspaper articles Bullet point advantages and disadvantages to the UK of immigration. Feed back to other groups and add to your notes “Migrants do not affect jobless levels” “Immigration small benefit to the UK “All you need to know about immigration in Britain today”

8 Media portfolio The syllabus suggests that we should build our own media portfolio on migration. Your task – puzzle groups Get into groups of three Make notes on the impacts (positive and negative) and myths about migration to the UK. PESCR?? You will then need to number yourselves 1 – 3. Move around the 3 stations and read the articles. Meet back up with your original base group to report your findings. It is up to you how you report back the information – keep your summaries brief and to the point. Decide how to note your info A3 paper / sugar paper etc is all available!

9 Case Study : The Poles and the UK Since May 2004 when 8 new eastern European states joined the EU there has been a large influx of Polish migrants to the UK. By 2008 700,000 Poles were working in the UK officially. They bought with them 36,000 dependants 82% are aged 18 – 34 56% work in factories They have settled all across the UK and not just the major cities. East Anglia and Herefordshire have been popular destinations. ECONOMIC MIGRATION

10 Push and Pull factors : Economic Low salaries in Poland High unemployment in Poland Once EU nations have been working in the UK for 1 year they are entitled to the same level of state support as any British citizen They can claim unemployment benefit and use the NHS

11 Push and Pull factors : Society and Government Better standard of living and lifestyle in the UK UK more tolerant society and easier to get promoted on basis of ability Polish Govt is still not truly democratic and those most in need of money not getting it Youngsters leaving Poland because they feel the ‘Old School’ still has all the power and is holding the country back Recruiting agencies have set up in Poland to persuade them to move to the UK to fill job vacancies YouTube - The Poles are Coming - part1 of 7 (BBC documentary)

12 Impact on Poland In Poland legislation is being drafted to encourage Poles to return home by offering them high salaries. Many Polish Govt officials were against joining the EU because they knew what would happen to their services (BRAIN DRAIN) Wroclaw (a large city) is developing quickly, The problem is there is a shortage of skilled construction workers and IT specialists because they can earn 7 times as much in the UK. By 2007 35% of jobs in the construction industry could not be filled due to migration. There is an incentive scheme called ‘Stay with Us’ run by a current affairs magazine and some of the biggest companies which have paid 100 scientists and researchers a one off payment of £5000 to stay put.

13 Impact on the UK Polish shops and ‘Saturday’ schools have developed The large increase in migrant workers did not take our jobs but helped the economy They are making the workforce younger which has eased the pensions burden and helped keep interest rates down They pay taxes Only 20,00 of migrants earn over £27,000 a year so will be able to retire in the UK Police are complaining about being understaffed and spending money on translators Generally the Poles have been well received a they have a hard working and positive attitude They are willing to do jobs in areas the British won’t e,g, food industry There are now more practising Catholics in the UK than Anglicans Recruitment Agencies from the UK go to Poland to recruit for all business sectors

14 2174820/Poland-Hereford-residents-alter- city-signpost-frustration-influx-Eastern- European-workers.html

15 Herefordshire – rural English delights?

16 Herefordshire – a place for migrant workers!

17 http://www.herefordshire.go able_Info_- _Final_Aug_06.pdf Herefordshire Describe Herefordshire’s location

18 Food Shop locations Main pedestrian area

19 External (international) Between countries Permanent1.Voluntary 2.Forced (refugees) Internal 1.Rural depopulation 2.Urban depopulation 3.regional West Indians to Britain African slaves to America. Within a country – most developing countries, British conurbations Types of migration

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