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Personal Hygiene and Preparing the Client Vicki, Leia and Sadie.

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1 Personal Hygiene and Preparing the Client Vicki, Leia and Sadie

2 Uniform Uniform should be suitable, clean and freshly laundered. Low or flat heeled shoes should be worn to aid good posture. These shoes however should be professional and smart. Minimal jewellery should be worn, no rings or bracelets. Wedding bands are acceptable. Small earrings are allowed. Hair should be clean and tied back and makeup should be worn. As a makeup artist it is important to be fashionable, and your image should represent this. Clients will judge your skill based on the way you look.

3 Personal Hygiene You should shower daily to ensure body odours are kept minimal. Antiperspirant should be worn Perfume/Aftershave should be worn, but not too strong. Nails should be short and clean. Any nail polish should be chip free and neat. Teeth should be clean, and your breath should be fresh. It is useful to carry mints in your kit, but not gum. You should clean your hands before working on each client. It is useful to carry around hand sanitizing gel in your kit for when access to basins are not readily available. Any wounds should be suitably covered to prevent any infections spreading. Dressings such as waterproof plasters are ideal.

4 Preparing the Client You should check the client is comfortable, and that the neck, back and feet are fully supported. You should continue to ensure the clients comfort throughout the treatment. Long makeups require frequent breaks, allowing the client access to refreshments etc. You should confirm that any jewellery, contact lenses etc. that may affect the makeup are removed. However, never take these into your possession, or offer to look after them, as this may cause issues later if forgotten about.

5 Clients should wear gowns to prevent damage to clothing or costumes. These gowns should be clean for every new client. It is useful that when completing a makeup on many different people to have disposable gowns. Hair should be away from the clients face. This can be done in different ways. Hairbands These should not be too tight as it could mark the skin or be uncomfortable for the client. You need to make sure that the hair lies flat underneath the band to avoid messing the hair. Be sure to blend makeup up to hairlines hidden under the band. Hair clips Clip the hair away from the face. Clips should be wrapped in tissue to avoid denting the hair.

6 Consultation forms should be filled out before the start of treatments on each client. Any allergy tests needed should be completed in advance. Ascertain information such as skin type so the correct products can be used. Prepare the skin if needed, by cleansing, toning and moisturising.

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