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Magazine Institutions: Bauer Media and time Inc.

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1 Magazine Institutions: Bauer Media and time Inc.
By Hannah-Rose Magain

2 Bauer Media Bauer Media, later Bauer Media Group in January 2008, is advertised today as being Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. Not only does the company offer 300 different magazines in 15 countries, but also contributes to the media in that the company also owns TV and radio stations This is a UK based media group, consisting of two main divisions : Magazines, and radio The beginnings of their business started in 1953 with the launch of Angling Times and in 1956 Motor Cycle News The company’s radio business began in 1990 Today, Bauer Media spans over 80 influential brand names

3 Time Inc. The co-founders of Time Inc. were Henry Luce and Briton Hadden who established the company in 1922 Their mission statement was to primarily keep the ever-growing population of magazine readers informed Time Inc. leads in the U.S. consumer magazine industry in print and digital audience as well as share of print advertising It is estimated that nearly half of U.S. adults buy a product of Time Inc. each month It gains 100 million consumers in print and 81 million online each month Time Inc. is also the UK’s leading publisher of print and digital magazine content

4 Why I chose Bauer media and time incorporated
Similarly, Time Inc. only include punk and rock based bands, both of which unlike magazine brands such as MOJO, do not include a variety of genres but stick to their primary music genres. Taking this into consideration, I feel inclined to lean more towards Time Inc. as my institution, as they include very little variation in genre compared to Bauer Media. This creates an even greater gap in the market. However because I’m promoting a folk/country magazine, a completely different genre to punk and rock I must be cautious that their readership may not be open to a completely different style of music. On the other hand, this may create interest in which case Time Inc. audiences will be inclined to read my magazine. Bauer Media possesses a wide array of music magazine from different genres, and although MOJO magazine, which is similar to mine in that it promotes the education of music genres and includes a variety of different genres, it is more of a rock based magazine, whilst my ‘Harmony’ magazine is folk based, a genre that is not included in Bauer Media magazines (which are largely punk and rock based) therefore there is a gap in the market that my magazine can fill.

5 Bauer Media music magazines
MOJO is charged by Bauer as being the world’s largest UK music magazine and is advertised to those completely passionate about music. The magazine includes a variety of different genres, from classic and modern rock, folk, soul, country to reggae, electronic and experimental. The magazine looks to feature genres and artists that will stand the test of time. MOJO has previously included such artists as, David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac. Circulation :70, 667 (Jan- Jun '14) First launched in 1986, Q is known for its rock and roll based genre. Q has featured articles on the most influential artists of recent decades, from U2 to Adele, Oasis to Rihanna, Radiohead to Lady Gaga. The magazine along with it’s fresh look, has immersed itself into new and fresh technology, for example an edition can now be available to you on your iPad. Q claims utmost quality as the advertised number one actively-purchased music magazine in the UK. The magazine states that the majority of their audience consists of a younger crowd, and that 97% of these readers rate Q as a quality magazine Circulation : 48, 353 (Jan- Jun '14) Kerrang! magazine is advertised as the world's largest weekly music magazine. Their featured artists include those such as, Muse, Metallica, Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy. The magazine promotes a large target audience, young teenagers being the obvious candidate, as the stereotypical group interested in new forms of rock music. The older generation can also relate to this magazine as the great rock bands of their generation are also included within the magazine content. Circulation: 33, 024 (Jan- Jun '14)

6 Time Inc. Music Magazines
NME, standing for New Musical Express, is a weekly British based publication, being first published in March Formally produced in a newspaper format, it began to evolve into a magazine by the 1980s, and is generally associated with Rock and Indie music genres. The magazine, like most others often promoted the great bands and artists of the decades, for example, The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Since 1996, there has been an online version of the magazine available to its audience. It is now the world's biggest standalone music site, with over 7 million users per month. Circulation: 23,924 (16 August 2012) The magazine UNCUT is targeted towards the serious, current musicians, or those who in general have a great passion for music. It is predicted that these readers spend over twice the amount on music a year than the average adult. The music genres often featured in the magazine include: Rock, classic indie and Americana. Artists that were often featured within the magazine included such stars as, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Paul Weller. Uncut has also been twice voted the PPA (Professional Publishers Association) Magazine of the Year and the PPA International Magazine of the Year. Circulation: 56,223 (Jul - Dec 2013)

7 Magazine brand that is most similar to my magazine
The magazine MOJO, is most like the final product that I wish to create, unlike other music magazines, for example, Kerrang! I wish to incorporate the same clean finish with a limited palette of colour cohesion, similar to the front cover of this music magazine. Although the shot used for the central image, or artist, will be a mid-shot, I will still ensure that the audience’s attention will be drawn to the face of the pictured artist. This is particularly important for my magazine, as my main aim is to inspire the younger generation to gain an interest in the roots of the music genre. My image will clearly show the face of a young girl, promoting this target audience. Like, MOJO magazine I intend to include a variety of different music genres all related to my main folk genre, in order to enlarge my target audience, making it more likely for my magazine to be a success. Additionally, like the layout of this edition, I will keep the structure of my front cover traditional with a central image, masthead and column inch with cover lines, in order to again insure a final product that maintains a clean, and ordered finish, thus pleasing to the audience’s eye.

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