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Break the Fast! The importance of eating breakfast.

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1 Break the Fast! The importance of eating breakfast

2 Why Breakfast Is Important Skipping breakfast can cause you to feel tired, grumpy, and irritable in the morning. By the time you wake up, your body may have gone without food for 8 hours or more. Eating breakfast helps jump-start your metabolism.

3 Why Breakfast Is Important (continued) Breakfast eaters are more likely to have a healthy body weight because of a higher metabolism. Even a small snack like a glass of milk or fortified soy beverage can be beneficial. Encourage your children to eat breakfast. They require a more nutrient-dense diet to maintain physical and mental growth. Involve children in preparing breakfast; they are more likely to eat foods that they have helped make.

4 Characteristics of Breakfast Eaters Breakfast eaters –have more energy to focus on school and work –have higher nutrient intakes and better diet quality than breakfast skippers –are good role models for their children

5 Breakfast Ideas Here are some ideas for breakfast at home or on the go: –hot cereal made with lower-fat milk, sprinkled with berries –English muffin topped with lean ham and cheese and 100% real fruit juice –cheese served with cantaloupe and a lower-fat muffin –yogurt mixed with berries and bran cereal –hummus on pita bread with applesauce on the side

6 Not Enough Time? Set the table before you go to bed. Wash, chop, slice your ingredients the night before. Set your alarm clock for a few minutes earlier. Store dried and canned fruit, dry cereal, juice boxes, melba toast, and peanut butter in your desk drawer for those rushed days.

7 Balance Is the Key to a Healthy Breakfast Choose food from at least 3 of the 4 food groups from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. Mix and match from these food groups to plan a healthy breakfast. Remember that you don’t have to eat traditional breakfast foods. Have soup, crackers, and cheese if you like.

8 Vegetable and Fruit Ideas Here are some examples of vegetables and fruit for breakfast: –fresh fruit –fruit cups packed in juice –applesauce –100% fruit juice boxes –vegetable juice (low sodium)

9 Grain Products Ideas Here are some examples of grain products for breakfast: –bread, bagels, rolls, buns, and English muffins (emphasize whole grain products) –low-fat muffins –small boxes of cereal, or pack your own –whole wheat bread sticks, melba toast

10 Milk and Alternatives Ideas Here are some examples of milk and alternatives for breakfast: –milk (skim, 1%, 2%) in small cartons or reusable containers –soy milk in small containers –individual yogurt or yogurt drink (less than 2% milk fat) –cheese or cheese strings

11 Meat and Alternatives Ideas Here are some examples of meat and alternatives for breakfast: –boiled, scrambled, or microwaved eggs –lean meat slices or pieces –hummus –nuts –peanut or other nut butters

12 Foods and Beverages to Limit Limit food and beverages high in calories, fat, sugar, or salt (sodium). –Foods to limit include cakes, pastries, chocolate, candies, cookies, granola bars, doughnuts, ice cream and frozen desserts, french fries, potato chips, nachos, and other salty snacks. –Beverages to limit include alcohol, fruit- flavoured drinks, soft drinks, sports and energy drinks, and sweetened hot or cold drinks.

13 References Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Healthy Lifestyles Department. (2003). Breakfast... Break the Fast. Fact sheet. Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Healthy Lifestyles Department. (2004). Breakfast on the Run. Fact sheet. Adapted from Anneke Vink, 2007.

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