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Canada’s Geography Review Canada’s National Anthem.

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2 Canada’s Geography Review

3 Canada’s National Anthem

4 Canadian Provinces

5 The Atlantic Provinces Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Labrador, Prince Edward Island Canada’s poorest region Poor farmland Overfishing of commercial fishing grounds Small populations

6 Lobster fishing boats in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

7 Quebec and Ontario Make up Canada’s heartland Are the major industrial and financial centers of Canada Manufacturing is most important industry Contain many important ports for distributing goods Contain some remote mining districts of deposits of nickel Major cities include Montreal and Toronto

8 Toronto, the capital of Ontario

9 The Prairie Provinces Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba Wheat is the major crop Large farms rely on modern technology and machinery Saskatchewan’s economy mostly dependent on agriculture Alberta’s economy is also dependent on fossil fuels

10 A Wheat Field in Saskatchewan

11 British Columbia Rich in natural resources Substantial income from fir, spruce, and cedar tree production Salmon fishing and mining are also important Some production of fruits and vegetables Location along the Pacific Ocean allows British Columbia to trade with Asian Pacific nations Vancouver is the largest city

12 Upper Arrow Lake, British Columbia

13 The Canadian North Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut are territories (not provinces) Has important promise for Canada’s future Rich deposits of metals, diamonds, and fossil fuels Many freshwater areas for fishing

14 Paulatuk, Northwest Territory

15 Canadian Separatism Each Canadian province or territory reflect their own separate culture Canadian Separatism can sometimes cause tensions within the country French Canadians in Quebec maintain cultural independence from the rest of Canada Quebecois established French as official language of government Quebecois have threatened to secede from Canada and maintain their own country

16 United States Influence on Canada United States and Canada share the world’s largest border Canada is the United States closest economic trading partner United States and Canada are members of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) United States and Canada share British cultural heritage

17 Web Quest Students will use the following links to answer the questions in the Geography of Canada Unit Review handout. /Canadamap.shtml /Canadamap.shtml da-population028.html da-population028.html

18 References 01.jpg 01.jpg n-Wheat-Field.preview.jpg n-Wheat-Field.preview.jpg upper_arrow_lake,_british_columbia,_canada_wallpapers.html upper_arrow_lake,_british_columbia,_canada_wallpapers.html k/ k/

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