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Temperate Deciduous Forest

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1 Temperate Deciduous Forest
By: Philip Henricks

2 About the Biome We live in the temperate deciduous forest biome.
The temperate deciduous forest biome is located around the polar and tropics region This biome makes the leaves on trees fall off during the fall season. You can find tropical deciduous forest near or on the equator.

3 About the biome continued
The climate would need to be cold in the winter and warm in the summer for the temperate deciduous biome to grow. In the fall in a temperate deciduous forest biome daylight is more scarce then the summer daylight time. In the summer nights are more scarce then in the winter.


5 Physical land features in this biome
Some of the physical land features in this biome include…. Forest, Trees, Rivers, Lakes, Sand, Rocks, Plants, Grass, Leaves, Sticks, Soil, Dirt, and Mud.


7 Abiotic factors Here are some abiotic factors to this biome Rocks
Water Soil Air Sunlight Wind Temperature

8 Biotic factors Here are some biotic factors to this biome
Animals such as Deer, Bears and Squrrels Vegetation or Plants such as Carpet Moss, White oak and White Birch

9 How humans affect this biome
Humans cut down trees to make house’s, furniture and much more. Also when humans cut down trees they destroy other organisms and animals habitat or home.

10 Climate of biome If you live in the temperate deciduous forest biome then here is what the climate is like…. The climate is a rapid change(instant change)of all kinds of weather. Hunidity of the biome: from 60% to 80%. Tempeture in a temperate deciduous forest: From 75F (24C) to 86F (30C). Precipitation: 2 to 5 feet of rain and snow ( m) is being received by temperate deciduous forest each year.

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