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Chapter 11 Create the Job and Life You Want Copyright 2011. Raymond Gerson.

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1 Chapter 11 Create the Job and Life You Want Copyright 2011. Raymond Gerson

2 Chapter Objectives Discover how to find the hidden job market Learn how to create a job even where no job opening exists Learn tips for starting a business of your own Develop the courage to pursue your dream career Learn how to make your dream job happen

3 Introduction Only a fortunate few find a career they love It takes know-how and positive actions to make it happen About 70% of job openings are not advertised Most of your competition do not know the secret of finding the hidden job market, but you will

4 How Not to Find the Hidden Job Market Send out lots of resumes Post lots of resumes online Answer want ads Depend on employment agencies to find you a job Go to lots of job fairs Spend only a little time on these methods because they are the least effective job search strategies. This is what most people do.

5 Two Types of Hidden or Unadvertised Jobs 1.Unadvertised job openings that the employer knows about 2.Jobs that could be created, but no job opening currently exists

6 Finding Unadvertised Job Openings Know yourself and the job you want Research companies and jobs of interest Conduct informational interviews with people who work for those companies and find out if there are job opportunities Contact hiring authorities with those companies to request an interview Join professional associations in your field of interest to meet workers and managers

7 Create a Job Where No Opening Exists Develop a proposal for the company and job you want (you will learn how in this chapter) Your research and informational interviews will help you to identify companies in need of your skills Your proposal will say what job you want and how you can contribute If you can add greater value to the company than your salary they will have an incentive to hire you Activity 11.1 relates to these points

8 Before Writing an Employment Proposal Based on your research know which companies need employees with your interests and skills Be aware that an advantage of creating a job is that you will have no competition Know the approximate salary earned by people in this job When negotiating a salary begin by asking for 10- 20% more than the average employee earns See sample proposal and complete Activity 11.2.

9 Six Steps to Create the Job You Want 1.Identify the talents and skills you enjoy using 2.Identify needs you want to fill 3.Determine the types of jobs and companies that work with the needs you identified

10 Six Steps to Create the Job You Want (Cont’d) 4. Determine whether you need additional skills, education and training to do the type of work you have identified 5. Develop a verbal or written employment proposal for the companies that interest you 6. Use job search and marketing strategies to reach hiring authorities and to present your proposal

11 Tips for Starting a Business of Your Own Research and determine the business you want Talk with people in this business Identify skills, education and training needed Create a business plan Have enough capital and savings for a year of low income Know your projected expenses

12 Tips for Starting a Business of Your Own (Cont’d) Budget your income and expenses Be willing to do marketing Seek assistance from organizations like SBA that provide support Develop personality traits of an entrepreneur such as self-confidence, discipline, communication, people skills and integrity Hire people to complement skills you lack Activities 11.3 and 11.4 relate to these points

13 Questions to ask About Pursuing Your Dream Career What will be the cost if you don’t pursue it? What are the benefits of going for it? Would you rather fail than to have never tried? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? How will you feel about yourself if you go for it or if you don’t?

14 Overcoming Fear of Pursuing Your Dream Job Begin moving toward your goal one small step at a time Read biographies of people who took risks, overcame defeats and succeeded Place inspiring pictures and quotes where you can see them often Listen to CDs that inspire and motivate you Reflect on how you want to live your life Activity 11.5 relates to these points

15 Ten Steps for Early Career Success After Graduation 1.Know your talents and skills 2.Seek a job you feel passionate about 3.Determine the jobs and companies that address the problems you have identified 4.Find a mentor to guide and inspire you 5.Study and learn all you can about your career field

16 Ten Steps for Early Career Success After Graduation (Cont’d) 6. Commit to doing a great job 7. Take excellent care of your physical and mental health 8. Avoid drugs and go easy on alcohol 9. Stay positive and motivated 10. Build a career portfolio of your accomplishments

17 Should You Get a College Education? Good jobs today require more than a high school diploma Research studies show that a college degree decreases your chance of being unemployed and increases your likelihood of earning more than high school graduates A good education can open doors to the type of career you want Activity 11.6 relates to these points

18 The Right Career Can you answer yes to these questions? 1.Does this vocation support, express and fulfill my mission? 2.Does it allow me to use my best talents and favorite skills? 3.Does this work energize and inspire me? 4.Am I passionate about it? 5.Do I delight in doing this work? 6.Do I love and do it well? If you answered “yes” you have found the right career for yourself.

19 Summary of Main Points What you are doing in the present is creating and influencing what your life will be like in the future Seventy percent or more of all job openings are not advertised and are part of the hidden job market It is possible to create a job for yourself even where no job opening exists You will have found your true calling and vocation when you discover a mission you love fulfilling

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