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Early Literacy Tips How to get your child ready to READ!!! Copyright 2010 - Angela Poovey.

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1 Early Literacy Tips How to get your child ready to READ!!! Copyright 2010 - Angela Poovey

2 General Literacy Tips Read to your child every day. Look at the pictures first and discuss together what you think the book will be about. Track words with your finger while you are reading to your child. Name objects/letters in books and in environment to expand letter knowledge vocabulary (at the grocery store, while you are driving, etc.) Read rhyming books Read the same stories repetitively Let children turn pages in books by themselves **Ask questions about books (more info)

3 Question Examples Who was the character in the story? What time did the story take place? What happened in the beginning of the story? Middle? End? What did the character learn in the story? Did the story remind you of anything that has ever happened to you? Or another book?(connection) Prompt: “If you were gonna tell your friend about this book what would you tell them?”

4 Literacy Activities Letter games/cards: Learn the names of the letters both capital and lowercase (can also do this with numbers). Introduce letter sounds. Use the website to make sure you are using the correct sounds (r, l, p). Let your child play with magnetic letters and letter puzzles. Be creative! Draw letters in the dirt/sand, make letter cookies, finger paint letters. Go to storytime at your local Wake County library and check out books for free.

5 Community Resources (all contact information in folder) Project Enlightenment – Parent resource library – Developmental screenings – Parent Teachers – Workshops Ready to Learn Centers – Parenting classes – Developmental screenings – Play groups with music, art, literacy – Immunizations/nurse support

6 Community Resources Cont…. Project Family Literacy – English classes for adults – Preschool/kindergarten activities for children, 0-5 Wake County Schools – Visit for a series of parent videos on

7 Kindergarten Tips Show your child parts of the book: cover, title of the book, title page, back of the book Practice letter names Practice letter sounds Practice fine motor skills with the following activities: Use play doh, lace shoes or game boards, cut with scissors, pick up beads, use tweezers, etc.

8 Websites/TV shows and-parents/skill-builder/9243.html and-parents/skill-builder/9243.html – Handouts for parents in all subjects – Pre-K activities in math, language arts, etc. – Schedule of educational morning shows in your folder – Can practice letter ID, sounds, print books to read, and much more!

9 Contact Information Thanks for coming!! If you have any questions, please contact: – Angela Poovey; School Counselor – Matt Regan; Social Worker – Pam Jones; Parent Liaison

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