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Welcome. Suspicion, Disclosure and Discovery Helen Edwards Independent Safeguarding Advisor.

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1 Welcome

2 Suspicion, Disclosure and Discovery Helen Edwards Independent Safeguarding Advisor

3 Aims to provide Information about national and local thinking and direction for learning from case reviews to raise awareness and challenge to build individuals confidence to take action in safeguarding systems and processes



6 Safeguarding in Context Saville 214 reported crimes. 1955 was the first reported incident, the last reported offence was 2009. 80% of children who experienced childhood abuse had attempted disclosure before they were 18 years old. 500,000 children in the UK are abused or maltreated at home each year, but only one in 9 are known to child protection services. “How safe are our children?” NSPCC 2013 Over 60 Serious Case Reviews published in 2013

7 Safeguarding Adults Rise nationally in the number of Safeguarding Adult Referrals Year on Year increase in Safeguarding investigations in registered care settings Raised awareness ‘the Saville effect’ Focus on standards in care Media interest in the vulnerability of adults with Learning disabilities

8 National trends in Safeguarding children Neglect is usually present 60% of mothers were under 21 at birth of first child Disabled children feature in 12% of cases 10% of children were subject to a child protection plan Only 42% were receiving a service from childrens social care A knowledge of child development is essential for front line workers

9 Child Sexual Exploitation The issues: Risk factors = vulnerability Confusion around sexual activity and the issue of consent Child sexual exploitation and risk-taking behaviour Disclosure of sexual exploitation

10 Lessons for improving practice Identifying and assessing child sexual exploitation Interventions Identifying and dealing with perpetrators

11 Parental Substance Misuse Assessments Rule of Optimism Communicating with parents Interventions

12 Domestic Violence High Risk Factors: Mental Health Problems Substance misuse History of violence Young parents Lack of take up of serivces Different cultural norms

13 Learning for improved practice Understanding the roles of men in the family Seeing the mother alone - text messages are a risk Avoiding an over-reliance on the mothers ability to protect their children Seeing the bigger picture Maintaining healthy scepticism - diguised compliance Talking about Domestic Violence between agencies

14 People who’s first language is not English Imbalance of power Lack of confidential space Children involvemnet in adult topics Social isolation Misreading of indicators of abuse

15 Learning for improved practice Awareness of language issues Recording first language Written Communication Use of interpreters

16 Common themes in Safeguarding Adults Transition from Children to Adult Services – Protection planning The need for robust risk assessments particularly where services are refused. Knowing what risk looks like Understanding of Mental Capacity Raising Standards of Care Follow up actions 41 Adult Serious Case Reviews from around the country analysed by Steve Clay Safeguarding Adult Partnership Board Manager Hull

17 Learning for improved practice Identifying Risk factors in transition Working together across child and adult services Risk assessments are multi agency and include contingency plans Use clear the Mental Capacity Act

18 Learning for improved practice Know what good care looks like Reporting concerns Confidence to challenge Creative solutions to supporting those who self neglect

19 Overlaps and Learning Mental Health Investigations Domestic Homicide reviews

20 Delilah and the Wizard of Oz… Why, why, why…. Because, because, because….

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