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The Warwickshire and West Mercia Strategic Alliance Dave Clarke Treasurer.

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1 The Warwickshire and West Mercia Strategic Alliance Dave Clarke Treasurer

2 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 2 RESTRICTED What is the Strategic Alliance An agreement between the Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables of Warwickshire and West Mercia An arrangement covering the totality of policing operations in both areas, and support for these Everything is assumed to be in unless a clear case for exclusion An arrangement for the long term Capable of future development through the introduction of new partners or services

3 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 3 Continuum of Working Together Isolation Bilateral Strategic Alliance Collaboration (Shared Leadership) Contracted Strategic Force Services Alliance Merger

4 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 4 Why Warwickshire/West Mercia? Both forces have: – a history of effective collaboration – undergone significant change programmes – a similar policing challenge – similar cultures and values – good relations at Chief Officer and Police Authority/PCC level – recognised the strength of working in bilateral partnerships. Other collaboration opportunities are not excluded

5 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 5 RESTRICTED The Challenge Long term future funding gaps identified: WM – ‘08/’09 “Planning for the Future” WW – ’06 on “150forward”/“150plus” begun Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) funding cuts – 2010 Government requirement for collaboration in policing Changing demand for policing services (crime levels/patterns, public expectation)

6 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 6 Alliance WARWICKSHIRE Closing the Gap 150 Forward 150 PlusCSR Existing Resources £3.5m£14m£9.5m Finance: Progress on Budget Reductions (2006 to present day) WEST MERCIA Closing the Gap Existing Resources SRL £6m PftF £9.8m CSR £23.2m Vacancy Mgmt £3m

7 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 7 But The new arrangements have not been driven solely by the need to reduce costs….. Why wouldn’t we do this anyway? …..innovative ways of working ensure we maximise the number of people protecting our communities from harm.

8 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 8 Alliance Critical Success Factors Single consistent policing model Aligned objectives & priorities Both forces meet their ‘greatest harms’ targets Both forces meet financial timelines Communities feel protected & satisfied Single T&CG process (Threat/Risk/Harm) Strategic Policing Requirement (SPR) is met Proportion of operational workforce increases Proportion of managerial roles decreases

9 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 9 The Timeline So Far Jan 2011 - 2 CCs/PAs commission research into possible Alliance June 2011- Both PAs agree the creation of an Alliance Jul to Oct 2011- Leadership issues clarified Oct 2011 - Alliance programme management team appointed Nov 1 st 2011 - Alliance exists – Gold Command / Chief Officer structure Jan-Mar 2012 - Service Definition and Design work by Directorates 17 th May 2012 - Blueprint delivered to Chief Officers 28 th May 2012 - Initial briefings to Joint Police Authorities June 2012 - Police Authorities Public Meetings Agree to Implement the Alliance November 2012- Police & Crime Commissioners elected and confirm commitment to the Alliance September 2013 - Final deadline for Blueprint implementation

10 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 10 The Shape of the Alliance Assistant Chief Constable Local Policing Command & Control and Communications ---------- Criminal Justice ---------- Custody ---------- Harm Reduction ---------- Local Investigations ---------- Patrol ---------- Safer Neighbourhood Teams ---------- Civil Disclosure Assistant Chief Constable Protective Services Director of Enabling Services Director of Finance Intelligence ---------- Operations ---------- Forensics ---------- Major Investigation Unit ---------- Protecting Vulnerable People ---------- Specialist Operations ---------- Operations Planning & Duties Corporate Communications ---------- Business Assurance & Improvement ---------- ICT Services ---------- People Services ---------- Procurement Services ---------- Estate Services ---------- Transport Services Finance ---------- Resource Management Warwickshire Police Chief Constable Deputy Chief Constable West Mercia Police Chief Constable Deputy Chief Constable Alliance

11 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 11 Overall Benefits We are on target to deliver £32m of recurring savings by 2014/15. Over 250 protection posts retained in Alliance compared to “stand alone” (63 WP and 219 WMP) The proportion of staff in 'front line' roles is increased and, therefore, operational and organisational resilience to protect is increased Service delivery to communities is more effective and efficient – crime was down in both areas by > 12% in 2012/13, and further in 2013/14 Sharing of skills and experience improves quality of service and gives greater service consistency

12 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 12 A Single Workforce Right people, right skills, right places, right roles Reductions – Officers and Staff – 5400 strong workforce reducing to 4736 – reduction of 10.3% of those who directly deliver policing – reduction of 22% of those who enable the delivery of policing – only 92 less constables from 2286 posts (11 of which don’t deliver policing) – only 50 less Sgt from 501 (brings us in line with HMIC Value for Money ratios) Reduction of non-staff budget of 20.3%

13 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 13 Implementation Challenges Business-led Change Timeline – Potential for break down in service provision to the public – Potential for misalignment of support service implementation plans People Movement Plan – Focus upon operational officers and staff – Deals with workforce consistently through harmonisation of T&C – Enables the delivery of support service implementation plans – Creates momentum and implements the Alliance – Reduces potential for workforce grievances – Creates opportunity for ‘At Risk’ staff Cost Sharing – Simple, externally validated model

14 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 14 Some Strategic Opportunities Wider Collaboration Potential to Outsource or Partner Continuous Improvement through Process Re-engineering Clarity of definition of the baseline policing services enables systematic consideration of enhanced service opportunities Strategic Direction of Police and Crime Commissioners

15 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 15 Two Things to Remember We will meet the entire financial challenge presented to us by CSR 2010, and more, and we will not have done a single thing which will not have been good for the two organisations. It worked because we didn’t spend all our time proving that it would be in the best interests of both Forces. That was obvious, so we just got on with making it happen.

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