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Overview of MASH MASH training. What is a MASH?  Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub  A MASH is a centre which brings together agencies (and their information)

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1 Overview of MASH MASH training

2 What is a MASH?  Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub  A MASH is a centre which brings together agencies (and their information) in order to:  identify risks to children at the earliest possible point  and respond with the most effective interventions.  A MASH carries out joint confidential screening, research and referral of vulnerable children.  Agencies work together to ensure vulnerable children are identified and properly cared for and protected

3 Why MASH?  The Children Act 2004 states that partners agencies must make arrangements to promote co-operation between relevant partner agencies to improve the well-being of children in their area  The inability of statutory safeguarding agencies to join up the information picture has been subject to persistent criticism and recommendation  MASH is a direct response to a number of serious case reviews including the Laming report which directly attributed the lack of good information sharing and communication to the subsequent death of a child  The Munro review highlights the value of co-located multi-agency teams dealing with referrals and decision making. MASH is singled out as good practice, with early evaluation showing improved decision making and outcomes for children

4 Safeguarding best practice  London wide police research proved that:  Early identification of children's needs provides the best outcomes for children  Early identification of risk has the best impact as its allows agencies to respond quickly with the most effective interventions

5 Essential criteria for a MASH  There are five core elements that must be included in a MASH  All notifications relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children must go through the hub  Co-location of professionals from core agencies  The hub is fire walled, keeping MASH activity confidential and separate from operational activity  An agreed process for analysing and assessing risk, based on the fullest information picture and dissemination of a suitable information product to the most appropriate agency for necessary action  A process to identify victims and emerging harm through research and analysis

6 Partners in MASH  To be a MASH, it is a requirement that, as a minimum, the following partners are co-located:  Children’s social care  Police  Health  Education  Probation  Housing  Youth Offending Service  Redbridge MASH is represented by all the services listed above

7 Redbridge MASH  Redbridge MASH is located on the 3 rd floor of Lynton House in Children's services  Staff are co-located in a secure area with limited access from the rest of Children’s services  The Head of the MASH has day to day management responsibility for the MASH. However, line management arrangements have not changed for partner agencies  Each agency will continue to access their own systems in the MASH. There is no requirement to access or learn new systems

8 Redbridge MASH structure chart

9 Multi-agency referral Anonymous referral MASH 4 hour target 1 day CAFCPATEI&FS MERLIN Review and summary of collated information Check eCAF MASH process RAG rate & pass to social worker Advice and info Single agency response Open social care case: details sent to case worker New case created on protocol Check protocol ICS Other local authority referral Initial screening on whether to MASH Decision making NFA Self referral

10 Redbridge MASH process  Step 1: Referral received into MASH screening  Step 2a/b: check Protocol to see whether the child/ family known to Redbridge children’s services.  Step 3: if no open case, create new case record and record any relevant information held on protocol ICS/eCaf.  Step 4a: Head of MASH decides whether to ‘MASH’  Step 4b: Head of MASH RAG rates case

11 Redbridge MASH process (contd.)  Step 5: MASH case assigned to a social worker with agreed target timescale.  High Risk – RED: completed within 4 hours  Medium risk – AMBER: completed within 24 hours  Low risk – GREEN: completed within 24 hours  The social worker handling the case then asks colleagues in the multi- agency teams in the MASH to check the child/family details against their databases and to collate any information they may have about the child referred.  The information is collated within the timescales set through the RAG rating and returned to the social worker.  Social worker reviews and analyses information received from partner agencies within the MASH and summarises that information on a MASH record on protocol ICS.  Based on this information reviewed, the social worker recommends what further action should be taken.

12 Redbridge MASH process (contd.)  Step 6: The Head of the MASH or MASH Practice Manager reviews the MASH record and decides the most appropriate action to take in relation to that contact.  Pathways include:  CPAT  EI&FS  CAF  Information & Advice  Single Agency response  The Referral & Initial Screening Officer contacts the referrer to advise them as to what has happened with the referral.

13 Redbridge MASH criteria  All NSPCC/ anonymous referrals  All children whose identity is unknown  Children/ YP who may have been trafficked  Children/ YP at risk of sexual or other exploitation  Transient families  All referrals where DV is an issue (where there are children in the family under 5 years old or unborn) and additional information is needed to determine the threshold  All referrals where there has been a previous MARAC discussion  Referrals about a child found begging whereby additional information is needed to determine the threshold  Minor concerns about a child on a repeat basis  Children involved in gangs  All other referrals deemed appropriate by MASH manager

14 Expected outcomes of MASH  Streamlines the referral process  Improves communications between professionals  Child’s needs responded to quickly and effectively  Earlier identification of vulnerable children  Most appropriate professional delivers interventions to meet the needs identified  Reduction in number of professionals involved and avoids unnecessary duplication and visits

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