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W.B.YEATS Poet, author AND dramatist BY PETER FEGAN.

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1 W.B.YEATS Poet, author AND dramatist BY PETER FEGAN

2 birth & family William butler yeats was born in 13 june1865 Sandymount Dublin Yeats’ brother, jack became a painter and his sisters Elizabeth and Susan Mary were involved with arts and crafts movement His father was john butler yeats and his mother was called susan mary pollexfen childhood

3 childhood Yeats and his family moved to londan to further his fathers art career First yeats was taught at home but in 1877 he attended goldfin school which he attended for four years For financial reasons they moved back to Dublin in 1880

4 poetry yeats first poems were published in 1885 by Dublin university review The family returned to London in 1887. yeats and ernst rhys created the rhymers’ club in 1880 Yeatst wrote lots of work manly about Irish legends

5 Theatre in 1889 yeats, Lady Gregory, Edward Martyn and George Moore founded the Irish literary theatre for celtic and Irish plays Then in 19o4 he founded The abbey theatre Yeats wrote his first play When he was 17

6 lovers In 1889 yeats met Maud Gonne He asked her to marry him several times but she always said no He wrote a lot of his poems about her But in 1917 he married Georgie Hyde Lees They had two children

7 Life and death Yeats was awarded the nobel prize in literature in 1923 Yeats died in 1939 He was buried in Sligo

8 1865-1939

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