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1. Addresses the Common Core Standards 2. Differentiation 3. Supports RtI 4. Technology/On-line Resources 5. Results Top Benefits of.

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2 1. Addresses the Common Core Standards 2. Differentiation 3. Supports RtI 4. Technology/On-line Resources 5. Results Top Benefits of

3 GO Math! is built around the critical areas of the Common Core State Standards. This focus ensures students are spending the right amount of time on the right content. GO Math!, for Kindergarten-Grade 5, combines fresh, teaching approaches that offer everything needed to address the rigors of the new Common Core Standards and state assessments.

4 -GO Math! helps students interact with lessons in new ways. They record their strategies, explanations, solutions, practice, and test prep right in their books; providing a reference point for future learning. -Work can easily go home with the students -Less work for teacher Ready made resources save prep time Only a few activities require running off papers Consumable texts are updated when standards change

5 Differentiated instruction -incorporated into the program, not an add-on -students learn the same material -multi-strategy approach -diverse activities -Multiple reinforcement and extension activities provided for -whole group -small group -individual student - Moderate Special Needs teacher - home

6 -RtI incorporated into each lesson with specific suggestions and links to meet the needs of all learners. -Materials include print, hands-on, and technology resources. -Flexibility allows the teacher to select the approach that works best for their students, both in school and at home.

7 Enhances instruction Provides valuable data Links home and school

8 -MegaMath -Animated Math Models -Destination Math -Soar to Success - Multimedia eGlossary On-line books, tools, games, and instructional activities reinforce concepts and individualize student instruction. Students can also practice and extend their learning at home with these engaging activities. 5 stars for GO MATH

9 iTools Solve problems with interactive digital manipulatives Model and explore lesson math concepts Real Word Videos Show motivating videos of real-world settings to introduce lessons CARMEN SANDIEGO™ Math Detective Activities Engaging activities for each Big Idea Solve math problems with real world themes eBook Classroom instruction is enhanced with interactive book displayed on SmartBoard Engaging Activities

10 The interactive websites empower parents to become actively involved in their child’s education. Think Central link provides: Text books on-line - parents can see the standards taught and the strategies used to problem solve -link to assigned activities -print any homework pages forgotten at school -see test results - iTools – provide ready to use manipulatives Multimedia eGlossary- includes audio, graphics, and animation allows students and parents a quick link to vocabulary definitions with examples

11 Interdisciplinary Program Reinforces math, reading, and communication skills Students become confident using math skills and vocabulary

12 Raises Expectations -Students are able to explain or show their depth of understanding -Every lesson incorporates problem solving strategies -Enhances reading and writing skills - Every lesson has spiral review to maintain and extend skills

13 . The 2012 edition labels the standards in Student Edition. -The chapters are arranged by critical area -The domain is listed in the Table of Contents The lesson format allows children to develop a routine Consumable Student Edition 4 pages per lesson Consumable Standards Practice Book – homework »Full page of practice »Full page of spiral review

14 GO Math! Digital Path provides the opportunity for lifelong learning skills for students in the 21st Century by developing: Information and communication skills Higher order thinking skills Problem solving skills Independent learners Real-world connections

15 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s GO Math! Named One of 2010’s Top 100 Products by District Administration Readers Teachers and administrators agree that GO Math! provides students with exceptional resources and a streamlined learning experience BOSTON — December 22, 2010 — Global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s (HMH) GO Math! program was honored recently as one of District Administration ’s Top 100 Products of 2010. The magazine’s readership, primarily teachers and administrators, chose the instructional products they felt improved their students’ performance during a financially difficult school year. With its focused, scaffolded approach, GO Math! is economical, innovative and streamlined, all important qualities to educators today. GO Math! is one of HMH’s many Kindergarten – Grade 6 products that incorporates digital and print strategies to create personalized learning experiences for students. Programs like GO Math! are especially appealing to teachers looking to make the rigor of new standards accessible to all learners. By combining multimedia and textbook instruction, GO Math! provides an innovative and effective tool set while keeping the curriculum manageable.

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