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Harris County Area Agency on Aging Aging and Disability Resource Center.

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1 Harris County Area Agency on Aging Aging and Disability Resource Center

2 What is the Harris County Area Agency On Aging? Harris County Area Agency on Aging, (HCAAA) is part of a nationwide federal grant program authorized by the Older Americans Act of 1965. The City of Houston is the grantee agency for Older Americans Act Services for Harris County. The HCAAA is a part of the City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services.

3 HCAAA - Mission Statement To promote the well being and a quality of life with dignity for older adults (60 years old and older) and caregivers in the community through the facilitation of access to services for all eligible persons.

4 Federal Mandates Determine the need for social and nutrition services with special attention given to those elderly in greatest economic or social need. Advocate for the elderly by increasing the awareness of service providers, elected officials, civic groups and the corporate and volunteer sectors regarding the needs of the elderly. Utilize federal funds to fill identified service gaps. Provide technical assistance and training to service providers and private sector organizations relating to aging programs and services.


6 Nutrition Services Congregate meals (1,400 – 1,500 meals daily) Home Delivered meals (meals on Wheels) (4,000 - 4,200 meals daily) - Must be home-bound Transportation to Congregate meal centers (approximately 500 participants daily)

7 Access and Assistance Services Information, Referral and Assistance Services: Staff provide resource materials and referrals to local services. Benefits Counseling: Certified Counselor Staff assist clients (and/or their caregivers) with issues about Medicare, Medicaid, and other public benefits…assists Medicare beneficiaries of any age. Legal Assistance: Legal counseling/representation requests on civil matters are referred to contract attorneys.

8 Services Continued-- Case Management: Staff assessments, care planning and service arrangements to determine long or short term community-based services. Ombudsman Program: Advocacy for residents in long term care facilities, and their families. Family Caregiver Support: Family support in the areas of In-home services (homemaker & personal assistance), Adult Day Care, Education &Training and Respite (relief care) for Caregivers.

9 Other Services Mental Health Counseling Evidence Based Programs Vision, Dental, Hearing, and Medication Assistance Non-Emergency Transportation Emergency Response

10 Eligibility For Nutrition Services ▪ Older adults 60 years or older, and spouse ▪ Must be home-bound (Home delivered meals) For Benefits Counseling Services ▪ Medicare beneficiaries of any age and ▪ Their caregivers For Supportive Services ▪ Older adults 60 years or older and ▪ Their caregivers

11 What is the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Initiative? An entry point to publicly administered long-term supports including those funded under Medicaid, the Older Americans Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and state revenue programs Also includes entry points into private organizations

12 ADRC - Mission Statement To work in partnership with the aging and disability community to provide a full range of services and supports to assist individuals and families to make informed choices about health and well-being throughout a 13 county region

13 Services and Assistance Provided Navigation Care Coordination Education and Training Money Follows the Person Options counseling on alternatives to residing in a nursing facility Care Transitions Assistance for discharged patients to prevent return to the hospital Lifespan Respite Care Program Assistance for caregivers of persons with any chronic Health condition(s) or disability

14 Eligibility Older Individuals and all disability populations Families and caregivers of the elderly and individuals with disabilities Disability populations include, but are not limited to: Individuals with physical disabilities Individuals with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism and other cognitive and developmental disabilities Individuals planning for future long-term services and support needs


16 What is Extra Help? Extra Help is a Medicare program to help people with limited income and resources pay drug cost. No coverage gap or late enrollment penalty Social Security makes the determination Income and resource are counted People with Medicaid, SSI, or Medicare Savings Programs are automatically eligible

17 Income and Resource Limits for Extra Help Income Cannot exceed $1,436 per month for an individual Cannot exceed $1,939 per month for a married couple Resources Cannot exceed $13,300 for an individual Cannot exceed $26,580 for a married couple Resources do not include your home, car, household items Resources do include stocks, bonds, or bank accounts, CDs, IRA, other real property

18 Medicare Savings Programs State programs that pay Medicare premiums and may also pay Part A and Part B deductibles and coinsurance There are 3 different programs QMB - Qualified Medicare Beneficiary ($978/$1,313) SLMB - Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary ($1,169/$1,571) QI-1 - Qualifying Individual ($1,313/$1,765) QDWI- Qualified Disabled and Working Individual ($1,935/$2,605)  Single person- Resources must be less than $7,080  Married couple- Resources must be less than $10,620  QDWI resource limits: Single/$4,000: Couple/$6,000

19 HCAAA offices Main Office: 8000 N. Stadium Dr. 3 rd Floor Houston, Texas 77054 Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Intake: 832-393-4301 local 1-800-213-8471 long distance

20 ADRC offices Main Office: 4802 Lockwood Dr. Houston, Texas 77026 Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Intake: 1-877-393-1090 (Toll Free)

21 Questions Harris County Area Agency on Aging Aging and Disability Resource Center

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