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CSR strategy (modified) R.A.M. strategy extended.

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1 CSR strategy (modified) R.A.M. strategy extended

2  Experiences in classroom  Experiences doing own reading  Ideas for modifications  O, T, N, R, Y

3  Explain purpose of strategy  Model strategy by “thinking aloud”  Do strategy together with students  Guide students’ practice  Supervised independence

4  Prepare and Preview ◦ Address difficult vocabulary; review grammar structure (for less advanced students) ◦ Discuss what students already know about the topic ◦ Look at pictures, titles, bolded or repeated words/phrases, or headings to predict what they might learn

5  Students read text while answering and marking WH questions. (R.A.M.)  Students reread text (if necessary ) to identify if text is primarily about: 1. a person, place, or thing. 2. which person, place, or thing. 3.what is being said about the person, place, or thing  Students share what the “Gist” or Main Idea of the section is.


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