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Northrise Toastmasters Leadership Roles & Contributions.

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1 Northrise Toastmasters Leadership Roles & Contributions

2 7 Roles President Roster Officer Vice President Education Vice President Membership Vice President Public Relations Treasurer Sergeant at Arms

3 President Overseeing the smooth running & administration of the club Presiding over club and executive meetings Ensuring the club has an ongoing membership program Encouraging communication and leadership development Recruiting club executive replacements. Promoting Toastmasters externally Maintaining relationships with District & Toastmasters International

4 Roster Officer Responsible rostering – the key to success of our meetings Ensures members develop through exposure to different roles in meetings Rosters competitions, speeches, workshops, etc. Not responsible for finding replacements when you can’t attend – but will help.

5 Maintaining educational attainments of each member Planning of club activity. Inviting guest, officials such as external Judges, test speakers etc Displays member achievement chart at meetings from time to time Vice President Education

6 The Welcoming Committee Ensures all guests at meetings receive a Guest/Visitor Pack, due care and attention, and telephone follow up between meetings Maintains overview of Hospitality role at meetings – making sure they have the resources Prepares name badges and maintains Visitor Pack stocks. Vice President Membership

7 Responsible for fostering membership generally. Keeps eyes and ears open for opportunities to promote Northrise Maintains data base of prospects and follows up visitors and potential visitors by telephone between meetings Advises VPM & Hospitality of expected visitors. Vice President Public Relations

8 Treasurer Maintains club accounting records and prepares financial reports annually at the club AGM Collects semi annual subs and pays WHQ in April and September. Processes Membership Applications and arranges for payment to WHQ. Collects breakfast takings, banks them, and settles creditor payments

9 Sergeant @ Arms Sets up (with assistance) meeting room, banner, signs for each meeting Keeps the meeting on time Rousing welcome and start Gets us back after the break Helps with the clearing up after meeting

10 Why Share This? Successful Club = –Organisation & Structure –Experience & Enthusiasm –Effort – things need doing –Commitment These roles proven as keys to being a successful club

11 Executive appointed July-June Exec members go in cycles Need new people to feed through the system Think about it now – is it time to contribute? What This Means For You…?

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