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2 Objective What is “Grooming”? Importance of Personal Grooming.
Relation between personal appearance and image projection.

3 What is Grooming It is the process of making yourself look neat and professional / business like. The efforts that you take to make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant.

4 PERSONAL GROOMING Clothes and manners do not make a man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. Whether this is real or imaginary the most important fact is that your appearance influences the opinions of everyone around you. Your Professionalism, intelligence and the trust people form in you is mainly due to your appearance.

5 PERSONAL GROOMING Some of the perceptions people can form solely from your appearance are: Your professionalism. Your level of sophistication. Your intelligence. Your credibility.

6 Personal Grooming habits
Grooming involves all the aspects of your body: Overall Cleanliness. Hair. Nails. Teeth / Oral hygiene. Dress. Make-up.

7 Personal Grooming Habits: HAIR
It is your crowning glory. Keep it at a length and style at which you can maintain it. Wash your hair at least thrice a week.

8 Hair styles : For Males Not fall over the ears, eyebrows or even touch the back of the collar. Will always present a neat appearance. Facial hair should be neatly trimmed (moustache, sideburns), beards are not recommended.

9 Hairstyles For Females
Tie your hair in a neat hairstyle with hair pulled back from face. Hair if longer than jaw line should be tied into a bun. Should be well groomed with a neat appearance at all times. Hair holding devices should be plain and of natural colours.

10 Nails Clip nails short, along their shape.
A healthy body ensures healthy nails. Brittle or discolored nails show up deficiencies or disease conditions.

11 Teeth Brush teeth twice a day and rinse well after every meal .
Remember to rinse your mouth after every meal. Use a mouthwash and mouth freshener as required.

12 CLOTHES / DRESS Your dress talks a lot about your personality.
First impressions are made within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone. A neat clean and well ironed dress is acceptable and appreciated by one and all at all times.

13 Make-up Makeup should be light and natural looking.
Nail polish and lip color should not be too trendy or bright. Deodorant/Perfume should be flowery and mild in fragrance.

14 Make up Women: stay away from extremely dark, bright reds and fluorescent colors. Hair color should not be more than one or two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Unnatural colors (burgundy, green, etc.) should be avoided.

15 Personal Grooming habits Dress Code for Men
To be clean-shaven daily. Formal shirt of a light colour, full sleeved and appropriate formal trousers. Accessories like briefcase, spectacles, pen, handkerchief, etc. should be in understated tones. Shoes should be well polished. Shoes and socks should match the dress combination. It is compulsory to wear a well-matched and formal tie daily. For important corporate meetings / interview, a jacket is advisable. Sober and well matching ties should compulsorily be adorned.

16 Accessories :Males Men should limit accessories/jewelry to 3 pieces.
Accessories include watch, ring, handkerchief. A formal dress watch should be worn, avoid athletic styles. Avoid bracelets, necklaces, and visible piercing.

17 Shoes: Males Lace up conservative shoes are the most appropriate.
Choose black, brown or burgundy shoes. Shoe colour should match your trousers or be of a darker colour. Shoes should be in good condition and polished. Socks(should be washed daily) should match the color of your suit and cover your calves. Belts should be in good condition and match the colour of your shoes.

18 Personal Grooming habits Dress Code for Women
women are expected to groom their hair in a bun, braid, French roll, or in any business-like manner. A formal salwaar kameez, western dress or a sari that goes with the corporate image of the Institute. The colour of the dress should be sober. Wear appropriate light make-up that goes with the dress code. Jewelry worn should be light and in consensus with the corporate image.

19 Accessories :Women Jewelry should be kept minimal and conservative.
Avoid facial piercings other than nose and ear The 5 Piece Rule: Wear only 5 accessories - earrings count as 2; watch counts as 3, allowing 2 additional accessories viz. bracelet and bangles.

20 Shoes and Handbag: Females
Shoes and Handbag should be formal in shape and colour viz. black or brown and of good quality leather. Shoe colour should be darker than your trouser. Shoes should match with the handbag. Heels should be 1-2 inches; higher heels should be saved for party hours.

21 Let’s remember A neat and clean dress at all times.
Hair neatly tied up. No Bad breadth Clean and washed socks with polished shoes. Well manicured hands Usage of a mild deodorant


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