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Greeting and Introducing

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1 Greeting and Introducing

2 Unit 1 WHAT'S YOUR NAME? What is your name? I’m PEX . I’m a parrot

3 Hello! I’m Mr. Lee. I’m a teacher. What’s your name?
Hello! I’m Pex. I’m a parrot. What is your name? Hi! My name is Max. I’m a monkey

4 Hello, my name is May Hello, my name is Sue

5 Hi, I’m Bill Hello, my name’s Sam

6 May Bill Sam Sue

7 What will we learn today?
Parrot, monkey, teacher, pupil, cat, tree, stick, girl, boy, man, friends, Hi, hello, and number 1-10 I’m, He’s, She’s, We’re, they’re Subject Pronoun (I, He, She, We) Structures Vocabulary

8 New Vocabularies a cat It is a cat Friends They are friends

9 a girl She is a girl a boy He is a boy a man He is a man

10 a monkey It’s a monkey a parrot It’s a parrot a tree It’s a tree

11 a stick a parrot a pupil a teacher

12 What's Your Name? Hello … Hello, I’m Miss Lee. I’m a teacher

13 Copyright © 2007

14 zero

15 one

16 two

17 three

18 four

19 five

20 six

21 seven

22 eight

23 nine

24 ten

25 Well done! You have learnt about Numbers, haven’t you?
You deserved to get a bonus. Please click button A or B B A

26 Numbers One Two Three



29 Four cats? No, five cats Four penguins? Yes, four penguins

30 Two ducks? No. Four ducks Eight giraffes? Yes. Eight giraffes

31 Eight dolphins? Yes. eight dolphins

32 Copyright © 2007

33 zero

34 one

35 two monkeys

36 three lions

37 four dolphins

38 five elephants

39 six hippos

40 seven dogs

41 eight giraffes

42 nine pandas

43 ten cats


45 trees a boy a man a parrot friends a girl cats

46 hi I’m your name My Pex monkey It He She It They

47 Let’s practice seven six three five

48 four two five ten

49 nine three

50 that's the end of our lesson today see you next time

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