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TYPOGRAPHY APPLIED DESIGN GRADE 12. ANATOMY of a LETTER BASELINE Invisible line that the letters sit on Rounded letters (like “e”) may extend slightly.

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2 ANATOMY of a LETTER BASELINE Invisible line that the letters sit on Rounded letters (like “e”) may extend slightly below the line MEANLINE Invisible line that falls at the top of lowercase letters (like “e,” “g,” “y”) Top line of the curve of letters (like in “h”)

3 X-height Space/distance between the MEANLINE & BASELINE It is the height of a lowercase “x” Cap Height Space/distance from BASELINE to top of uppercase letters (like “H,” “J”)

4 Ascender Part of a character that extends above the MEANLINE Also extends above the X-HEIGHT Descender Part of a character that extends below the BASELINE EX) bottom stroke of “y”

5 Serifs Fonts often divided into: SERIF fonts: extra stroke at the ends of the letter SANS SERIF fonts: no visible stroke at the end

6 Stem Vertical line of a “B”, primary diagonal line of a “V” Main “body” of a letter Bar Horizontal/diagonal lines of a letter Horizontal line of an “E” “Arms” of a letter

7 Leg Bottom stroke of a letter EX) base of an “L”/diagonal stroke of a “K” Shoulder Curve at the beginning leg of a letter EX) in “m,” “n”

8 Bowl Open/closed circular line Creates an interior space Ex) in “e,” “b” Counter Inside of a BOWL

9 1. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _2. _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ 3. _ _ _ 4. _ _ _ _5. _ _ _ _ _ _6. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

10 1. _baseline_2. _x - _height _ 3. _ bar_ _ 4. bowl5. _serif _ _ _ _ _6. _meanline_


12 Typeface: a group of characters (including letters, numbers, punctuation..) that share a common design/style Ex) Times New Roman a A b B “ ‘. ’ ” 0 7 1 4 y Y x X @ $ * Arial a A b B “ ‘. ’ ” 0 7 1 4 y Y x X @ $ * Courier New a A b B “ ‘. ’ ” 0 7 1 4 @ $ *

13 Font: Made up of TYPEFACE Refers to the means by which typefaces are displayed/presented EX) Times New Roman in font file Type Families: Different options within a FONT (Roman, bold, italic..) Example of a TYPE FAMILY: Shows a family of a font called “Helvetica” Includes Condensed Bold, Condensed Black, UltraLight, Italic, Light, Light Italic, Regular..

14 Serif Fonts: Recognizable by the small lines at the ends of the strokes of a letter Advantage: letters clearly divided up; easier to read Sans Serif Fonts: (Without serif) refers to typefaces without these lines

15 Point: used to measure the size of a font 1 pt = 1/72” Typography (Times New Roman 30 pt) Typography (Courier New 30 pt) Refers to the full height of the text block, not just the character itself; that is why two typefaces at the same point size may appear as different sizes Based on the position of the character in the block; how much of the block the character fills








23 TYPEFACE assignment GOAL: To design your own (1-3) typefaces or use existing ones using all of the letters that go into writing YOUR NAME (or nickname/self descriptive phrase…) that shows your own taste/personality –you will create a personality poster with lettering (8.5 x 11) CONSIDERATIONS: Use a photo of yourself or someone/thing close to you. (Filter the photo in photoshop so you lose details.) Exploration of the anatomy of letters: - They can be as graphical as some of these examples but must contain “the anatomy of lettering”-use a ruler and guide lines…consider baseline, x-line etc… Repetition: vary size and scale (use transform tool to skew, rotate, bend letters etc…) Use any media but must be black and white or b, w and 1 colour only Must be neat You may draw and scan your self-portrait/symbol or use a digital photo Be prepared to present to class with a description of your work

24 Find 1-3 typefaces that express your personality and then... Take a portrait (digital photo) or draw yourself or an object/animal/person that is meaningful to you (face only) Crop and edit in photoshop using OR SKETCH onto paper (8 x 10) if drawing freehand fonts. You can also use your sketchbook If you have chosen a script font that you feel you can reproduce accurately, you may do this assignment free hand BUT YOU MUST USE THE ANATOMY OF LETTERING (bowl, counter, etc) Choose a style from the following slide to duplicate OR use your own interpretation In Photoshop use the transform tool to (warp, skew, etc...) to place the letters where you want them. If free hand, use a mechanical aid (eg: ruler, compass etc..)

25 Your assignment: Find you own style. Which font below best reflect you? Ex#1: crazy, a bit disorganized, lots of character!; ex#2: organized, modern, controlled; Ex#3: classy, elegant, sincere, thoughtful? Maybe a different one?

26 In conclusion Review the examples in this Power Point HAVE FUN!!!! Be as inventive as possible but be sure the Letter styles reflect who you are. Write a 1-2 paragraph description explaining your thought pro cess Marks: creativity/inventiveness (app) /4 Neatness and some evidence of topography rules (app) /4 MUST BE VERY NEAT! Presentation to class of your ideas /description (comm) /4 Process: minimum 10 thumbnails of letter styles (t/i) /4 Due present to class January 6, 2014

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