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Math project MY DREAM HOUSE Done by: Emily Dai G8 Amber.

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1 Math project MY DREAM HOUSE Done by: Emily Dai G8 Amber


3 Area of the house  Total area: 46.14m  Area of entrance: 2.4m  Area of kitchen: 9m  Area of the living room + dining table+ bed+ study area: 23.94m  Area of toilet: 3.96m  Area of balcony: 6.9m  Scale used for floor plan: 1:50 2 2 2 2 2 2

4 Main idea of my dream house  This dream house is design for high school or university students that are living by themselves without their parents.  So, this house it design for only one person to live in.  It is small, but has every basic things they need.  It has a small kitchen, if you want to make something for yourself, a small living room with T.V. and sofa, a small toilet. Also, there is a “study area”, where there is tables and shelves for you to put books.

5 The entrance and kitchen  I think that there is needed to be a nice entrance to put your shoe shelf and other things like hangers on the wall near to hang your big coats, so it is convenient.  The kitchen is small, but just the nice size to make some easy food. It is nice to have a kitchen so then you can save some money on your food and not just going out to eat every meal. There is also a fridge and a cabinet. The fridge can store fresh ingredients and maybe left overs that could be eaten as breakfast or diner. The cabinet can store tableware, toppings and other stuffs.

6 The living room and the bed  The small living room is nice for you to relax after a tiring day. It is nice that after a tiring day, you can sit on a comfy sofa and watching T.V. I think it is a really nice way to help to have a nice rest. Also, there is a small table between the T.V. and the sofa so you could put drinks and snacks there and enjoy the T.V.  There is a bed at the corner of the house. This bed has a small shelf and a bedside cabinet. The small shelf could put some books that you like to read before going to sleep and the bedside cabinet is for putting night light or alarm clocks.

7 The dining table and the study area  The dining table is not big, but enough for one or two people. So, you can eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner there.  The study area is a very important thing for a student. A nice table is needed to produce nice works and the shelf in the living room could hold books and decorations too. Also, the carpet and the small table with mat, makes the area cuter and a nice place to invite friends over and do homework together.

8 The toilet and the balcony  The toilet contains the basin, shelf, washing machine, toilet and the bath tube. The shelf is for putting like for girls, you could put make ups and all those kind of stuff, and the washing machine is for your everyday laundry.  The balcony is can be used to dry cloths or a play to enjoy the fresh air and nice view.

9 Reflection  I found it really hard to draw the furniture in the floor plan, but I really enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed the process when we get to design our own dream house, and we can use our imagination and design and put the furniture where ever I want.  It was also hard converting the real length to centimeters and was also quite difficult to decide on how long is this or how big is this. But I really enjoy doing this project.


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