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Professor Dolina Dowling

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1 The Role of Quality Assurance (QA) Units in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
Professor Dolina Dowling Executive Director: Higher Education Review Unit Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training Kingdom of Bahrain

2 The Role of QA Units Why do we need Quality Assurance Units Mandate
Models Challenges facing Quality Assurance (QA) Units Strategies to overcome challenges

3 Need for QA Units External
QA agencies and their requirements for: Institutional audits Program reviews Accreditation at institutional and program levels Professional body accreditation

4 Need for QA Units Internal
Assisting in preparing for institutional audits/ accreditation Assisting departments/faculties in preparing for program reviews/ accreditation Benchmarking – all levels User surveys Impact studies Graduate tracking

5 Need for QA Units Internal contd.
Developing and monitoring implementation of policies and procedures to manage the quality assurance arrangements of the institution Program development and approvals Facilitating quinquennial program reviews/ departmental reviews Staff development

6 Mandate and Structure of QA Units
Decide on what ‘quality’ means for your institution Fitness of purpose Depends on institutional type, age, mission What is the institution’s approach? Compliance Improvement Enhancement

7 Role of QA Units Decision about role and responsibilities influences structure and resources Does it influence location? QA is an institution-wide activity So what is best location and reporting line? The President/Vice Chancellor? Why? If to VP: Academic: student and administrative support services do not lie in this portfolio. e.g. library, IT, counseling; residences; examinations and certification If to VP: Administration: core academic functions of teaching and learning, research and community engagement outside this remit

8 Role of QA Units Staffing and other resources depends on institutional type, size and shape as well as meaning of quality Institutional types in Oman, some examples: Publicly funded institutions National University Colleges of Technology Private institutions Transnational providers/cross border Range of institutions - different sizes, offer varying numbers of programs at different levels, niche

9 Role of QA Units Decision on meaning of quality, roles and responsibilities of QA Unit depends on all these factors There is no one right way And No one size fits all

10 Large Institutions: QA Unit Structure

11 Medium Institution: Integration of QA Unit in Academic Activities
Monitors and evaluates policy implementation Implementation of feedback Reports on quarterly basis to Academic Board, Council INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL SENATE JOINT COUNCIL AND Academic Board/Senate Institutional Quality Assurance Central Academic Planning Committee Academic Board/Senate Committees Library Committee Discretionary Exemption Committee Enrolment Management Committee Rules and Regulations Committee Timetable Committee Teaching and Learning Committee Research Committee FACULTY LEVEL Faculty Boards Faculty Planning and Management Committee Faculty Executive Committee Subcommittees of FPMC Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee Faculty Quality Assurance Committee Faculty Research and Higher Degrees Committee Examinations Committees SCHOOL/DEPARTMENT LEVEL Heads of Department Academic Staff Quality Assurance Unit Director Manager Administrator

12 QA Unit: Small – niche - provider
Head of Institution Manager: QA Academic Administration QAU reference point between external quality agency , accreditation bodies and academic departments Supports QA activities in departments Member of institutional QA Committee

13 Transnational/cross border provider
Vice Chancellor Deputy Vice Chancellor: Academic Pro Vice Chancellor: Quality International Campus Head Dean Director: Quality Head of School Pro Vice Chancellor: Quality – overall responsibility for quality across all campuses; sets policies and procedures; monitors and evaluates through reporting system Director of Quality – responsible for ensuring consistency of implementation of parent quality assurance arrangements Heads of Schools consult with Deans in parent institution regarding program delivery

14 Another model President Centre for Planning and
Institutional Development Strategic and Institutional Planning Quality Management Management Information Integrates QM into planning and ensures that information is basis of decision-making

15 Activity 1 Break into Groups
Decide on your institutional type, size and mission Develop an understanding of quality for this institution In light of the above: develop roles and responsibilities of Unit, capacity requirements All the time bearing in mind external agencies/bodies: audits/accreditation and what this means for your institution in terms of resourcing; e.g. time, capacity

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