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Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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1 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
By: Henry Phung CalPoly Pomona, Mechanical Engineer

2 Comparison

3 Parallel Hybrid Both IC Engine and Electric engine is attached to the drivetrain Computers and transmissions allow the two to work in sync Smaller batteries Low power situations allowed IC to recharge batteries IC Engine RPMs vary More efficient at cruising

4 Series Hybrid Movement only by electric motor
IC engine charges batteries and provides power for electric motor IC Engine is allowed to operated at optimum RPM Smaller IC engine, larger batteries/electric motor

5 Series Continued When large amounts of power is needed the electric motor will draw energy from both the IC engine and the batteries More efficient with stop and go Separate motors can be used for each drive wheel to eliminate chains and differentials Heavier but will perform as a LSD

6 Series/Parallel Combined
Combined is better than either one separate Stop and go the car can act as a series Cruising the car can act as a parallel

7 Regenerative Braking While braking the batteries or capacitors can be charged Electric motor is reversed turning it into a generator

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