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Job Applications Introduction to Business & Marketing.

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1 Job Applications Introduction to Business & Marketing

2 Previously… The Career Planning Process Careers in Business & Marketing Sources of Employment Information Resumes Cover Letters

3 Today’s Objectives Describe the difference between a resume and an employment (job) application. Explain why employers require applicants to complete job applications. Understand and apply general rules for completing applications. Identify common mistakes made on job applications. Select and justify professional references. Consider special criteria for electronic applications.


5 What is an application? Form that employers give to potential employees to complete Lists relevant information ▫ Work Experience ▫ Education ▫ Skills ▫ References

6 Applications vs. Resumes Standardized forms make it easier to compare job candidates Demonstrate ability to follow directions Ensure that complete information is provided Require a signature to attest to truthfulness


8 Make sure to… Complete the form neatly. Spell all words correctly. Use a pen with blue or black ink. Answer every question – write “N/A” for those questions that are not applicable. Use your full name (not a nickname)


10 Watch out for… Incomplete or missing information Inaccurate information Any unintentional marks, such as scribbles or marking out words Colored ink or pencil Listing “anything” for your preferred position


12 Who should be a reference? People who know your work habits and personal traits well People who can confidently recommend you for the job People you have known for a significant amount of time

13 Professional References Always ask for permission to use their contact information! You may consider: ▫ Teachers ▫ Former employers ▫ Friends established as business contacts


15 Special Considerations Pay attention to security concerns. ▫ Always be careful transmitting personal information over the Internet. ▫ Use a private computer on a trusted network. Include keywords to enhance interest. ▫ Use as many action verbs as you can that match the job description. Use a scanner-friendly format.

16 SUMMARY What is an application? Why are applications used in addition to submitting a resume? What are some DO’s for completing an employment application? What are some common mistakes? Who should be included as a reference? What is different about completing electronic applications?

17 Questions? We are going to complete one application together, then you will complete one for your portfolio!

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