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Preparing for the Romeo and Juliet Final Performances and the Quote Test.

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1 Preparing for the Romeo and Juliet Final Performances and the Quote Test

2 First, Provide the Quote and Paraphrase The paraphrase goes here. Thorough but not word for word! The Quote Goes Here – Large enough to be seen.

3 Then provide the context! Who said it to whom At what point in the play What was going on at the time? Why is the quote important? What does it reveal about the characters? What does it predict or foretell? What happens because it was said? What is the hint or obvious indication?

4 Quote/Paraphrase Presentation Your quote must be at least 2 lines and no more than 8 lines (depending upon what is said, not how lazy you feel). You must complete the collection and PowerPoint slides for presentation by the end of class tomorrow. Each group will be responsible for 10 Quotes, and must claim their characters today.

5 Requirements for the groups 6 Quotes/Paraphrases Romeo Juliet 2 Quotes/Paraphrases Lord Montague Count Paris 1 Quote/Paraphrase Peter Lady Montague Apothecary Balthasar 4 Quotes/Paraphrases Mercutio Lord Capulet Friar Lawrence Benvolio Tybalt Lady Capulet Nurse Prince Escalus

6 Final Product You will email me your complete PowerPoint by the end of the period tomorrow. I will sew together all of the PowerPoint slides into a review guide for your final exam. The more careful and thorough you are in searching for valuable and revealing quotes, the more likely you will predict the quotes used on this test.

7 SCHEDULE TONIGHT – you will want to find the quotes and draft your paraphrase and discussion of the context. REMEMBER – for each quote, you will produce TWO slides. First, the quote and paraphrase, second the discussion of context. TOMORROW – you will work with your partner(s) to build your slides, improve your work, and send it to me. You may either work on the same computer OR work on separate computers, send the separate slides to one person who will copy and paste them together.

8 SCHEDULE BY THE END OF THE PERIOD – Each group will have one PowerPoint file that they will email to me. The file should have a cover sheet with the names of the students and the names of the characters covered in their projects. Finally, though I do hope that your projects are pretty and interesting, your grade is primarily dependent upon the quotes/paraphrases and discussion of context.

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