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Africa By: Ethan Surles.

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1 Africa By: Ethan Surles

2 Sahara The Sahara Desert is the main desert of Africa. It is in countries such as Chad, Libya, and Egypt.

3 Sahel Now, a little bit less deserty, this is the Sahel. This area is just under the Sahara.

4 Savanna The Savannah Grassland is the next step from Sahel. It is a combination of a desert and a forest (with way less trees). Also this area has some animals Africa is known for, such as Zebras and Elephants.

5 The Tropical Rainforest
The stereo type of Africa is desert, but it has some tropical rain forest. The is a humid, tree-filled, climate is in the coast by The Democratic Republic of Congo.

6 Congo River Flows to the tropical rainforest of Africa. The river also goes into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

7 Niger River This river flows through Nigeria right before it goes into the ocean. As the 3rd largest river in Africa, it runs over 2 thousand miles.

8 Nile River The is the famous river of Africa, no matter how many people denile it This river flows through Egypt, Sudan, Congo and many other countries, and it the longest river in the world.

9 Lake Tanganyika This is the largest lake in Africa and borders Tanzania. Next, this lake is home to African Cichlids.

10 Lake Victoria We all know that Britain once owned part of Africa. So, they a lake after Queen Victoria. Part of this lake is in Kenya.

11 Atlas Mountains The Atlas Mountains are the main mountain range of Africa. This separates the north coast from the Sahara.

12 Kalahari Desert This desert is the second and southern most desert of Africa. The Kalahari area is in South Africa.

13 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo has the only rainforest in Africa, and the Congo River. Some people abbreviate this country with DR Congo for D(emocatic) R(epublic) of the Congo. This country borders Sudan…

14 Sudan Sudan is right under Egypt, and is almost a land-locked country and the main religion in Egypt is Islam, that spread to Sudan and made a civil war, north-Islam and south-Chistianity.

15 South Sudan Later, the 2 countries split making South Sudan. It is mostly Christian.

16 Nigeria Nigeria is one of the countries the Niger River flows through and the river is very important for the economy. Nigeria’s river delta built up oil and it is a lot 2 million barrels a day. Like many countries of Africa, Nigeria has a corrupt government and that is not good for the most populated country in Africa.

17 Egypt Egypt is the place where mummies started. This country has the Nile River in it and even borders a coast. Now, Egypt is mostly Muslim.

18 South Africa Also, a British Colony, South Africa had segregation. Nelson Mandela helped free the natives from this tragic event. South Africa is located where it says, South part of Africa.

19 Kenya Like many countries in South America, Kenya gets its economy going with ecotourism. This country has a weird government with have a president and parliament that are equal. This democratic country doesn’t have too much corruption.

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