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Isle of Wight Local Safeguarding Children Board Roles And Responsibilities.

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1 Isle of Wight Local Safeguarding Children Board Roles And Responsibilities

2 LSCB Roles “ The LSCB is the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how the relevant organisations in each local area will co-operate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in that locality; and for ensuring the effectiveness of what they do.” Working Together 2006. 3.2

3 LSCB Role The LSCB has two main functions; To co-ordinate the work of agencies to safeguard children. To ensure the effectiveness of safeguarding children on the Isle of Wight

4 LSCB Role From Working Together 2006, Chapter 3

5 Member Agency Responsibilities To ensure that: Their agency/organisation complies with S11 Children Act 2004 and S175 & 157 Education Act 2002 for schools, including;-  That all staff are trained in child protection and safeguarding to an appropriate level  that their agency /organisation is aware of any is compliant with updated child protection [procedures including effective information sharing  That their agency operates safe recruitment procedures  The appointment of a Safeguarding Lead or champion for their agency  20. Ensure that the definition of safeguarding is understood within their agency and the message that Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility underpins practice within their organisation.  21 Ensure that all staff within their organisation have an understanding of their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of C&YP and what actions should be taken if they have concerns about a the welfare of a child.

6 Member Agency Responsibilities And to: Identify any child protection and safeguarding training needs within their agency and draw this to the attention of the LSCB Support and help arrange attendance at multi agency training courses from within their agency. Contribute to multi agency training as appropriate Maintain up-to-date knowledge of safeguarding issues, undertaking personal training as required. Promote good practice within their agency as to the appropriate levels of confidentiality that apply to child protection issues.

7 Individual Member Responsibilities “The individual members of the LSCB have a duty as members to contribute to the effective work of the LSCB, for example making the LSCB s’ assessment of performance as objective as possible, and in recommending or deciding upon necessary steps to put right any problems. This should take precedence, if necessary, over own role as a representative of their organisation.” Working Together 2006. 3.65

8 Individual Member Responsibilities LSCB members are expected to: Attend meetings of the LSCB regularly and consistently and special or extra ordinary meetings as and when required. Represent the views of their agency/organisation at LSCB meetings or provide a representative view from their profession Speak for their agency or organisation with authority

9 Individual Member Responsibilities And to: Establish effective internal two way communications mechanisms within their agency, or liaison with their profession about views on safeguarding matters (specified within S11 Childrens Act, S175 & 157 Education Act 2002 for schools) With their agency Safeguarding Childrens lead or champion, hold managers to account for that agencies contribution to safeguarding ((specified within S11 Childrens Act, S175 & 157 Education Act 2002 for schools) Consult with relevant staff within their agency/organisation on all pertinent safeguarding issues Ensure that processes are in place for implementation

10 Individual Member Responsibilities Ensure the proper development of safeguarding policy both for the LSCB and their agency/organisation. Participate in/appoint representation to and liaise with one or more of the sub groups Produce, oversee, or ensure the production of reports or data to/from their respective agency/organisation as required (e.g. participation in Serious Case Reviews, monitoring of standards of safeguarding practice within agency, Performance data, audit reports, etc

11 Individual Member Responsibilities And to; Raise pertinent safeguarding issues with the board by placing them on the appropriate board or sub group agenda, contributing to the LSCB objectives and priorities Comply, support and engage with any audit of the effectiveness of the LSCB as a body, or safeguarding practice overall.

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