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Created by: Madeleine Leigh The Life of Aristotle.

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1 Created by: Madeleine Leigh The Life of Aristotle

2 Early life Aristotle was Born in 384 BC in Stagira, just north of Greece. He was the son of the court physician of the royal Macedonian family. At first, he was trained in the art of medicine, but in 367 BC he went to Athens to study philosophy at Plato’s academy.

3 The Student Aristotle was a brilliant student, but he disagreed with some of the ideals of Plato. So, when Plato died, he did not become the new head of the academy. He stayed at the academy until about 347 BC, then left Athens to travel. He studied biology in Asia minor and the islands surrounding it.

4 The Teacher In 338 BC, Aristotle was called to Macedonia to tutor the Macedonian prince, Alexander, who would later grow up to be Alexander the great. Eventually, after Alexander concurred Athens, Aristotle went back to Athens and spent the next 12 years or so setting it up as the center of learning in Athens. It continued to be successful for hundreds of years.

5 His Works Along with creating a school, Aristotle also wrote about 170 books, though we only have copies of about 47. He wrote about ethics, psychology, economics, theology, politics, and rhetoric. Although many of his theories have been proven false since his time, his ideas formed the bases of modern science.

6 The End While Athens was revolting against Macedonian rule after Alexander the Great’s death in 323 BC, Aristotle was accused of being sympathetic towards the Macedonians. He soon left Athens to live out the rest of his days in his northern homelands. He died in 322 BC.

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