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Resources and the Environment

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1 Resources and the Environment

2 Natural Resources Natural resources are things found in nature that people can use. Examples: water, soil, and trees Fish, deer, and other wild animals are also natural resources.

3 Minerals People use another kind of natural resource called minerals. Minerals are substances such as gold, copper, or salt, that is found in the earth. What do we use minerals for in everyday life?

4 Fossil Fuels Fossil Fuels are fuels formed from the remains (fossils) of plants and animals that lived thousands of years ago. Examples: coal, oil, and natural gas Why are these resources so important?

5 Resources and People People have a very big responsibility to take care of our natural resources. Why?

6 Resources and People Some of our resources can be replaced. Others cannot. Once we use them all up, there won’t be any more left!

7 Renewable Resources Renewable Resources are resources that can be replaced. Trees are renewable resources because we can plant new trees to replace the ones we use.

8 Nonrenewable Resources
Nonrenewable resources are resources that cannot be easily replaced. An example of nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels. How will we drive our cars when there is no more gas?

9 Conservation We must use our resources very carefully because we rely on them everyday. We need to make sure there is enough resources for the future! We protect our resources by conserving them. Conservation is protecting and using resources carefully. What are some of the ways we conserve our resources?

10 Environment Another reason we need to conserve our resources is because they are a part of our environment. The environment is made up of all the things that surround us, such as land, water, air, and trees. All living things rely on their environment. We need clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

11 Our National Parks Creating parks is one way to help protect the environment. National parks are parks that are protected by the federal government. Park rangers are hired by the government to provide services to visitors such as information. They also help keep the park protected. The first national park in the USA was Yellowstone National Park.

12 Protecting the Environment
One common problem is pollution, Pollution is harmful substances that are released in the air, water, or soil. People can help reduce pollution by doing simple things like recycling.

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