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Michael Jeffrey Jordan

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1 Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Who is Michael Jordan? What are Michael’s records? What teams did Michael play for? What are Jordan’s career statistics? What is M.J. like after basketball? What are M.J.’S awards / championships / privileges? Others My personal favorite M.J. commercial What was Michael’s education? Michael Jeffrey Jordan By Sebastian Credits

2 Who is Michael Jordan? Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Basketball / Baseball player Born on February 17,1963 Born in Brooklyn, New York

3 What teams did Michael play for?
Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls in then later played for the Bulls in He was drafted 3rd in the 1984 NBA draft behind Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon and Sam Bowie (Houston and Portland) He played for the Washington Wizards in At first, Michael was the G.M. for the Wizards but he came out of retirement to return to the game he loved. Michael played baseball in the MLB for the Chicago White Sox

4 What are M.J.’S awards/championships/ privileges? Pt. 1
Michael won 6 championships all with the Bulls. He received Finals MVP in all championships All championship seasons, Michael was the scoring champion Michael was 1985 all rookie team 1’s SG.He was also Rookie of the Year averaging 28.2 p.p.g and 2.39 s.p.g.He also lead his team in rebounds and assists.

5 What are M.J.’S awards/championships/ privileges? Pt. 2
Michael was also : 1985 All NBA team 2,1985 IBM award,1987 Slam Dunk champion,1987 All NBA team 1,1987 scoring title,1988 MVP,1988 Defensive player of the Year,1988 Slam Dunk champion,1988 All-star game MVP,1988 All NBA team 1,1988 scoring champion,1988 steals champion, and 1988 All NBA defensive team 1

6 What were M.J.’S awards/championships/ privileges? Pt.3
He was also : 1989 All NBA team 1,1989 All defensive team 1,1989 scoring champion,1989 IBM award ,1990 All NBA team 1,All defensive team 1,1990 scoring champion,1990 steals champion,1991 MVP,1991 scoring champion,1991 All NBA team 1,1991 NBA finals MVP,1992 MVP,

7 What were M.J.’S awards/championships/ privileges? Pt. 4
Also: 1992 scoring champion,1992 All NBA team 2,1992 All NBA defensive team 1,1992 NBA finals MVP,1993 scoring champion,1993 All NBA team 1,1993 All NBA defensive team 1,1993 steals champion,1993 NBA finals MVP,1996 MVP,1996 scoring champion,1996 NBA All-star game MVP

8 What were M.J.’S awards/championships/ privileges? Pt. 5
Michael Jordan was also:1996 All NBA team 1,1996 All NBA defensive team 1,1996 NBA finals MVP,1997 scoring champion,1997 All NBA team 1,1997 All NBA defensive team 1,1997 NBA finals MVP,1998 MVP,1998 scoring champion,1998 NBA All-star game MVP,1998 All NBA team 1,1998 All NBA defensive team 1, 1998 NBA finals MVP

9 What was Michael’s education?
High School:Laney High School, Wilmington,North Carolina College:North Carolina, 3 years

10 What are Michaels’s records?
Michael Jordan holds the third longest streak of consecutive games with 40+ points (9) Michael Jordan is tied in second for the most Slam Dunk championships (2) He won the Dunk contest in 1987 and 1988 as a member of the Chicago Bulls He is also the best basketball player of all-time

11 What are Jordan’s career statistics?
Michael had 25 game winning shots, including 5 buzzer-beaters Jordan played 930 NBA games and averaged 31.5 pts., 0.8 blk., 2.3 stl., 5.3 ast., and 6.3 rebounds per game.

12 What was M.J. like after basketball?
Michael bought and is now the owner of the Charlotte Hornets In April 2009, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

13 Others Michael Jordan was one of 10 UNC players to get his number retired Michael signed with NIKE for $250,000 in 5 years Michael Jordan married Juanita in 1989 and had 3 children, but they were divorced in 2006 He married Yvette Prieto in 2013

14 My personal favorite M.J. commercial

15 Credits Jordan,Michael J. “For the Love of the Game.” Mark Vancil, Editor.New York,NY; Crown Publishers,1988, pp.13,16, 35, 42, 67. “All-Star History Slam Dunk Contest Winners” NBA,2/20/13, 28 Mar “What NBA TEAMS Did Michael Jordan Play For ?” NBA Universe. 28 Mar

16 Credits continued “Michael Jordan.” Biography.Com 21 March “Michael Jordan Biography.” Biography.Com 23 April =2#personal-life-and-legacy. Sherrow, Victoria, etal. “North American Biographies.” Petronis,Rita, etal. Edition 2, Danbury, Conn: Philip Lief Group, Inc. 1994,pp.129.

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