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A North West Retailer’s Journey To Mobile Ecommerce By Space 48.

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1 A North West Retailer’s Journey To Mobile Ecommerce By Space 48

2 Jon Woodall Managing Director @jon_woodall Oliver Lees Digital Marketing Manager @space48ers Your Presenters

3 About Us Founded in 2008 Magento Gold Solution Partner Specialists in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

4 Overview The Growth & Impact of Mobile on Ecommerce A North West Retailer’s Journey To Mobile Commerce Future of Mobile For Ecommerce

5 The Growth of Mobile Mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and early 2000s Source: Nielson 1.2 Billion people worldwide are accessing the web from their mobile devices Source: Trinity Digital Marketing 63% of people expect to be doing more shopping on their mobile devices over the next couple of years Source: Latitude

6 How do Ecommerce sites take full advantage of this growth? Each site should use an approach that best suits them. By conducting research using tools such as Google Analytics and competitor analysis, any business can find out what’s best for them, whether that’s an app, a mobile site or a fully responsive site.

7 61% of people have better opinions of brands when they offer a good mobile experience Source: Latitude 30% of mobile shoppers abandon a mobile transaction if the experience is not optimised for mobile Source: MoPowered The Impact of Mobile on Ecommerce 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site Source: Google 41% have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience Source: Google

8 Should all Ecommerce sites provide a mobile solution for their users? Is there a case when a mobile solution is not required? You simply need to give your users what they want. It’s important to invest your time in building your site with a focus on where the majority of your users come from first and foremost. There are still some sites which may see mobile making up less than 5% of total traffic, which tends to happen with B2B ecommerce. However, mobile is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep ahead of the inevitable changes in trends.

9 A North West Retailer’s Journey To Mobile Ecommerce

10 Business background info One of the UK’s leading equestrian fashion retailers Established in 1965 Went online in 2010 Moved to Magento Community in 2011

11 2011 Mobile and Tablet Traffic With less than 10% of traffic coming to the site via mobile & tablet devices, the focus from 2011 was to maximise desktop experience. 2.2%

12 2012 Mobile and Tablet Traffic 2012 saw a significant increase in traffic. More importantly, visitors using Mobile and Tablet devices increased by over 1045% and were providing over 25% of total visits to the site.

13 The Key Objective To provide a better user experience for users on all devices with the aim of increasing conversion

14 1.Ensure site usage is touch friendly 2.Retain visual simplicity 3.Minimise scroll distance 4.Improve merchandising Some Ways To Achieve This

15 Solutions Mobile App Mobile (m. or mobi.) site Responsive Design

16 Benefits Of An App? Purpose built for mobile devices Provides single tap access No need to worry about search & optimisation The Types of Business that choose apps? Businesses that have a strong retail presence Businesses that have a strong brand loyalty Businesses in industries where frequent purchases are made Great examples of ecommerce apps? Next, Amazon Mobile App

17 Benefits Of A Mobile Site? Similar to an app in being purpose built for mobiles Accessible via any mobile web browser Site can have specific mobile marketing activity conducted The Types of Business That Choose Mobile Sites? Businesses where mobile provides a high share of visitors to their desktop site. For businesses in industries such as fashion and beauty, a mobile solution is essential due to the demographic they appeal to, however all business should now consider mobile. Great examples of Mobile sites? ASOS, John Lewis Mobile (m. or mobi.) Site

18 Responsive Design Benefits Of Responsive Design? One site for all devices Future proof for new screen sizes / resolutions Marketing activity can be focused on a single domain The Types of Business That Choose Responsive design? Businesses that may not have resource to maintain separate sites for desktop and mobile. Great examples of Responsive design? Currys, Naylors

19 The solution chosen was responsive design Reasons for this: Most cost effective for a long term solution Currently most future proof solution Least resource intensive Deemed most effective for digital marketing activities

20 Moved to Magento Enterprise and implemented a responsive design in April 2013 The following results compares: 1st April 2013 – 31 st August 2013 vs. 1 st April 2012 – 31 st August 2012. Results

21 The Results: Mobile 16% Increase in Pages per Visit 53% Increase in Average visit duration 22% decrease in Bounce rate 99% increase in Conversion rate 721% Increase in Transactions 862% Increase in Revenue

22 The Results: Tablet 43% Increase in Pages per Visit 37% Increase in Average visit duration 23% decrease in Bounce rate 121% increase in Conversion rate 597% Increase in Transactions 597% Increase in Revenue

23 Overview of Mobile and Tablet Traffic Visitors using Mobile and Tablet devices now provide over 38% of total visits to the site. 2.2% 20112013

24 Key Takeaway Points Analyse the business case for a mobile solution Decide on which solution best fits your business Find the best agency for your chosen solution Embrace mobile – don’t resist it

25 The Future of Mobile Commerce Smartphone penetration will reach 75% of the UK population and tablet penetration will hit 50% in 2014 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau Data from ComScore indicates mobile users could surpass desktop users in 2014 Source: ComScore The total UK m-commerce figure is estimated to rise to from £6.6 billion in 2013 to £17.2 billion by 2017 Source: eMarketer

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