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Be a Builder Building developmental assets for a better life.

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1 Be a Builder Building developmental assets for a better life

2 What is an ? An asset is a useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or resource.

3 So what do assets do for us? The search institute (a fancy company that does a lot of research) has identified building blocks – known as developmental assets. These assets help young people grow and develop to be the best people they can be. They also help young individuals stay out of trouble.

4 External vs. Internal Assets External Assets Support Constructive use of time Boundaries & Expectations Empowerment

5 External vs. Internal Assets Internal Assets Commitment to Learning Positive Identity Social Competencies Positive Values

6 External

7 Support Family support Positive family communication Other adult relationships Caring neighborhood Caring school climate Parent involvement in schooling

8 Empowerment Community values youth Youth as resources Service to others safety

9 Boundaries and Expectations Family boundaries School boundaries Neighborhood boundaries Adult role models Positive peer influence High expectations

10 Constructive use of Time Creative activities Youth programs Religious community Time at home

11 Internal

12 Commitment to Learning Achievement motivation School engagement Homework Bonding to school Reading for pleasure

13 Positive Values Caring Equality and social justice Integrity Honesty Responsibility Restraint

14 Social Competencies Planning and decision making Interpersonal competence Cultural competence Resistance skills Peaceful conflict resolution

15 Positive Identity Personal power Self esteem Sense of purpose Positive view of personal future

16 Lets see how may assets we currently have

17 Each of these assets is like a puzzle piece…the more we have the stronger our foundation. The stronger our foundation the easier it will be for us to deal with difficult situations in our life. Allowing us to be happier and live more successful lives.

18 Missing puzzle pieces (assets) weaken our foundation and make our lives more difficult. We are more likely to get into trouble and have less protection against negative things.

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