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My Favorite Place Speech

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1 My Favorite Place Speech

2 Assignment Students will use descriptive language and organizational skills to write this speech. Topic: A location in the world where you like to be. Speech should have an attention getter, body, and conclusion. Speech should have three sub-topics. Description of the place and where it is Why you like it Time: 1-1:30 minutes Index Cards: May be used

3 Some Ideas Rivers Lakes Nature Trails Woods Parks Music Festivals
Art Festivals Beaches Cities with tourist attractions

4 Step One Choice of Topic: ___________________________________
Why did you choose that place?: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have questions.

5 Step Two Three Sub Topics (examples)
costumes chicken dessert Friends/People Food music fruit/bread atmosphere

6 Step Two (Continued) Three Sub Topics (examples)
hotel festival/rides boat rides Activities restaurants carriage rides stores

7 Step Three List words to describe this place and/or what you like to do there. This will help you organize your speech.

8 Step Four Write your speech Three Parts of a Speech
I. Introduction A. Attention Getter. II. Body A. Write about the three sub topics. B. Support the subtopics with details. III. Conclusion A. Review all three topic areas. B. Final thought or quote (make the audience want to know more about your topic).

9 Step Five Write your speech on Note Cards
Use note cards to write your speech. As you write add details-NEVER use the words “things,” “stuff,” and “you know!” Use specific language instead, in other words tell us exactly what you mean.

10 Delivery Have good posture Use hand gestures
Only move up to three times (left, right, and center) Eye Contact, try to look at everyone in the class at least once. Use facial expressions to emphasize what you are saying. Personal appearance should not have distracting clothes or jewelry etc. Articulate well (word choice) Pronounce the words correctly Speak loud enough to be clearly heard in the room Don’t speak too fast Breath from your diaphragm Use an appropriate pitch

11 Extra Credit Practice! If you practice your speech out loud for a parent, guardian, or other adult, I will give you 5 points extra credit. Adult Listener: __________________________ How long did the speech last? _____________ Please list one suggestion for improvement here ____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________

12 Grading Rubric I will use the following Rubric to grade you speeches.
Introduction: Attention Getter? Thesis? Overview of main idea? Body: Organized? Descriptive Details? Conclusion: Reviewed main idea? Final thought? Vocal Delivery: Volume Quality Speed pitch Articulation pronunciation Physical Delivery: posture gestures movements eye contact facial expression personal appearance TOTAL POINTS _______________ (OUT OF 65)

13 The End My Classes Speech OLGC

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