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Goals: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

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1 Goals: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Outcomes: Fear, Violence, Dictatorship

2 We have now studied the major causes of the French Revolution. It’s time to look at the play –by- play. What events occurred and with what consequences?

3 French Revolution Time Line Assignment
EVENTS ON TIMELINE 1) Meeting of the Estates General 2) National Assembly Created w/ Tennis Court Oath 3) Storming of the Bastille 4) Declaration of Rights of Man Issued 5) Great Fear/Women's March on Versailles 6) King Louis XVI & Family Captured Fleeing France 7) France At War With Austria & Prussia 8) Legislative Assembly Splits into Factions 9) King Louis XVI Guillotined 10) The Terror led by Robespierre and the Committee on Public Safety 11) Reign of Terror Ends – “Thermidorian Reaction” and Directory 12) Napoleon’s Coup d’etat Directions: In your assigned groups, create presentation on your assigned event. STEP 1: Research event in your textbook and the internet (wikipedia OK) STEP 2: Work with group members to present the following about your event: A summary of the event Why the event is significant What is in the picture on your slide? Question for discussion

4 Meeting of Estates General
May, 1789

5 What your group might say about this:
SUMMARY: Under the Old Regime, the people of France were divided into three social classes or “Estates”. These were 1st Estate (clergy), the 2nd Estate (nobility) and everyone else (the 3rd Estate) who paid all the taxes but had no influence on the government. By 1789, France faced bankruptcy because of overspending by King Louis XVI and his family. The King was forced to call representatives of the 3 estates to meet fore the first time in 175 years. Each estate got one vote under this system. SIGNIFICANCE: The 1st & 2nd Estates together had always outvoted the 3rd Estate and this is what King Louis XVI expected in However, Enlightenment influenced middle class delegates of the 3rd Estate called Bourgeoisie used the meeting as an opportunity to voice their anger at the absolutist French system, sparking the revolution. IMAGE: This cartoon illustrates how the 3rd Estate (common people) felt they were chained and unfairly carrying the burden of the King and other Estates (clergy & nobility) on their back.

6 National Assembly Created with Tennis Court Oath Key Terms: Third Estate, National Assembly

7 Storming of Bastille JULY 1789

8 Declaration of Rights of Man Issued What are the Rights outlined in the Rights of Man?

9 Great Fear/Women’s March on Versailles These are two different events
Great Fear/Women’s March on Versailles These are two different events. What do they have in common? What sectors of society are leading each one?

10 Louis XVI caught fleeing France

11 France at War with Austria and Prussia

12 Legislative Assembly splits into factions Radicals, Moderates, Conservatives, “The Mountain”

13 Death of Louis XVI Guillotine

14 The Terror Maximilien Robespierre, Committee on Public Safety

15 Reign of Terror Ends Thermidorian Reaction, Directory

16 Napoleon’s Coup d’etat Hero of the Hour, Coup d’etat

17 History Channel French Revolution Documentary 90 minutes
(1-15; 20-33; :10-1:28)

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