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‘A rough guide to LEPland’ SWWMG 20 March 2013.

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1 ‘A rough guide to LEPland’ SWWMG 20 March 2013


3 Dorset Challenges and Opportunities Challenges –Connectivity –Low productivity –Low wage economy –Skills gaps –Public sector dependence –Two speed economy –Business support Opportunities –Environmental assets –Diversity –Strong sectors –HE / FE –Redevelopment sites –Additional funding –2012 Games –Renewable energy

4 Business strategy Dorset LEP will enable a strongly performing, productive and sustainable economy, with more higher value and skilled jobs, whilst harnessing Dorset’s special environment. We will make Dorset the natural place to do business.

5 ‘the natural place to do business’ Strong partnership Build on strengths Work with businesses Create business friendly culture/environment Deep understanding of Dorset economy Promote innovation, resilience, green knowledge intensive economy

6 Dorset LEP Board Competitive Business organisations and networks Strategic economic development TalentedConnectedResponsive Business sectors

7 Competitive Dorset Unleash the potential of existing businesses, encourage the creation of new ones, and attract investment. Progress: Growing Places Fund £9m DorMen Rural Net Inward Investment 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games – British Business Embassy in Dorset Sector engagement

8 Talented Dorset Enhance the skills of our current and future workforce. Progress: ESB Review of Skills Strategy Growth & Innovation Fund bid for Apprenticeship Training Academy Apprenticeships: £225,000 grant investment for SMEs National Coastal Tourism Academy £2m Science and Technology Enterprise Hub (BU)

9 Connected Dorset Improve electronic and physical connectivity, particularly through high-speed broadband. Progress: Broadband £38m Use of broadband £1.8m Local Transport Body: devolution of transport funding. LSTF £19.1m secured Pinchpoint funding £12.6m bid Mobile Phone Coverage Transport hubs: ports and airport

10 Responsive Dorset Create the conditions for enterprise. Progress: Engagement between DLEP Board and Dorset Environment Managers Planning Charter Endorsement of BDP Renewable Energy Strategy No EZ so DIY with Local Development Orders?

11 Government agenda…? EU Investment Strategy for Dorset: EU Growth Programme 2014-2020 (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD) Strategic plan for local growth: single pot funding Bournemouth-Poole City Deal


13 Be inspired, be part of it!

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