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WELCOME!! Pick-up notes handout! 

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1 WELCOME!! Pick-up notes handout! 
Turn in autobiography/student information sheet to the tray on the corner of my desk Get out your pre-test from yesterday

2 Syllabus Quiz How many non-waived absences are you allowed to have?
What is my bathroom/leaving class policy? What is my late policy? How many days do you have to make-up work when you are absent? What happens if you fail to put your first and last name on an assignment or the date? Are you required to keep a notebook in this course? What is your one subject spiral notebook going to be used for? Learning Activities account for 20% of your total grade; how are learning activities graded? What is my cell phone policy? What is my name? T/F Tests are always announced at least two days in advance. T/F There will be very few extra credit opportunities in this class. T/F Major in-class projects in this class will count as a test grade. T/F I do not stay after school to make-up absences. T/F Your bell ringers can be taken as a quiz grade at anytime.

3 The 5 Themes of Geography
What are the 5 themes of geography and what is each theme about? Location Region Place Movement Human Environmental Interaction

4 The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World
North Carolina Geographic Alliance PowerPoint Presentations 2007

5 What is Geography? The study of the distribution and interaction of physical and human features on earth Tools that geographers use: maps, photographs, graphic organizers, models, GIS and GPS The 5 Themes of Geography—Location, Place, Region, Movement, and Human-Environmental Interaction help geographers study and describe the use of space

6 Theme 1: Location Two Types of Location Where is It? Absolute
Relative Where is It? Why is It There?

7 Absolute Location A specific place on the Earth’s surface
Uses a grid system Latitude and longitude A global address

8 North Carolina Absolute Location North Carolina 36° N Latitude
79° W longitude Erwin 35°19′22″N 78°40′19″W

9 Relative Location Where a place is in relation to another place
Uses directional words to describe Cardinal and intermediate directions

10 North Carolina North Carolina is bordered by Virginia on the north, South Carolina and Georgia on the south, and Tennessee on the west. The Atlantic Ocean forms North Carolina's east coast. North Carolina is one of the Southeastern States

11 Theme 2: Place Physical Characteristics:
Land Features like: Mountains, plains, valleys, and plateaus Climate Bodies of Water

12 North Carolina: Physical Characteristics
Photos above: Steve Pierce

13 North Carolina: Physical Characteristics

14 Theme 2: Place Human Characteristics
People Culture Language Religion Buildings and Landmarks Cities

15 North Carolina: Human Characteristics
National Geographic Magazine Top right:

16 Go Wolfpack!

17 Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction
How People Interact With Their Environment People . . . Adapt to Their Environment Modify Their Environment Depend on Their Environment

18 North Carolina: Human Environment Interaction


20 Theme 4: Movement The Mobility of People Goods Ideas
How Places are linked to one another and the world

21 North Carolina: Movement


23 Theme 5: Regions What Places Have in Common Political Regions
Landform Regions Agricultural Regions Cultural Regions

24 North Carolina: Regions
Steve Pierce

25 NC Regions Up-Close

26 Region 1: Northwest Region 2: Southwest Region 3: North Central Region 4: South Central Region 5: Southeast Region 6: Mid-Atlantic Region 7: Northeast Landform Regions

Activity Groups will be formed and each group will create a poster illustrating, defining and describing each of the five themes of geography: REQUIREMENTS for EACH SECTION Title Definition & explanation of term Min. of 2 examples Min. of 2 pictures/illustrations Location Place Region Human Environmental Interaction Movement

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