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Early Indus Civilizations

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1 Early Indus Civilizations
The Aryans & the Vedic Age

2 Aryan Migration Group that moved into the Indus Valley and eventually ruled over all of India Approx B.C.

3 Aryan Migration Aryans were warlike people
Believed to come from Central Asia

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5 Aryan Migration Aryans were pastoralists
Nomadic people kept herds of livestock as food source learned farming after moving into India Were taller and lighter skinned than the people in the Indus Valley

6 Sanskrit Written language used by the Aryans

7 The Vedic Period Most of what we know about the early Aryan period comes from the Vedas Vedas Scared writings, Epic poems, hymns, magic spells Passed on by oral tradition Provide details about Aryan history and society

8 Vedic Society Vedas tell us that:
Aryans lived in smaller villages than Harappans Villages came together under the rule of Rajas War chiefs Protected the people in return for food and money

9 Vedic Religion Polythesitic
Worshipped many gods connected to a single eternal spirit Priests performed rituals that they claimed kept order in the universe Fire sacrifices Chanting hymns

10 Vedic Social Structure
Rig Veda Oldest of the Vedas Describes the creation of the four varnas Each varna had played a specific role in society Brahmins Priests and teachers Kshatriyas warriors and rulers Vaisyas Traders, farmers, herders Sudras Servants

11 WHO IS… The mouth? The arms? The legs? The feet? Brahmins Kshatriyas
Vaishyas Shudras

12 Varna (Social Hierarchy) (herders, farmers, merchants, craftspeople)
Brahmins (priests) Kshatriyas (warriors) Vaishyas (herders, farmers, merchants, craftspeople) Shudras (servants, laborers) Non-Aryans Untouchables

13 Untouchables Did not belong to a caste No protections of caste laws
Could not associate with other castes Could only perform jobs that other castes did not Handling dead animals Digging graves Handling trash

14 The Caste System The varnas were the basis for the caste system Castes
Determined what: jobs you could have Who you could marry Who you could eat with Some castes had more privileges than others Indian Constitution outlawed caste distinctions… it has been hard to change a 3,000 year tradition. Many untouchables are still discriminated against

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