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Collaborative Digitization Program CDP’s Sustainability.

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1 Collaborative Digitization Program CDP’s Sustainability

2 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ Organizational History 1998: First CDP had the word PROJECT in its title, along with Colorado. 2001: Then it decided to persist, forming a 501c3 organization with a broader title: Collaborative Digitization Program The advisory board became a governing board

3 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ Funding History CDP has an 8-year history of grants  IMLS, ranging up to $500,000  LSTA  NEH  State Historic Fund Total grants are over $2.6M, annual average of about $300K Other revenue from membership & consulting

4 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ The sustainability plan Revenue:  Memberships A new marketing campaign, new brochures, new fee structure Revised website with better member services  Consulting  Training Workshops promoted in 12 states by BCR New workshops for AASLHS

5 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ And more grants All grants are connected to the strategic plan, which is updated every 3 years Grant funded infrastructure improvements model ways state-wide collaborative efforts can support cultural heritage digitization Grants support CDP staff salaries (2-3 people)

6 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ Crisis In 2004, we were finishing all current grant projects, and had 2 grants submitted but we didn’t know if we would get them. Without grants, we have no salary funds for staff.

7 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ Crisis results We got both grants We wrote a business plan that identified revenue potential as well as operating expenses, partnerships supporting operations, and opportunities for growth We affiliated with University of Denver for fiscal management, and operating support. We expanded into neighboring states

8 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ Crisis analysis Dependence on grants is never a good thing It is extremely difficult to find funds for staff in other ways When staff are funded on grants, it is hard to find time to develop and maintain member services Partnerships/collaboration is a way to distribute expenses

9 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ The future CDP will continue to support cultural heritage organizations of all sizes But the larger libraries & museums are the only ones who can sustain CDP with membership funds CDP will shift to focus on needs of larger institutions, in a wider geographic area

10 Collaborative Digitization Program __________________________________________ Will we make it? If we fail to find grant funding, we will depend on partnerships & collaboration. CDP will always have its own independent mission and strategic plan, but it can exist within another organization if necessary. The CDP Board of Directors, partners, and members are the bases of success.

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