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Board of Education Goals Report of Progress 2010 - 11.

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1 Board of Education Goals Report of Progress 2010 - 11

2 District Goals Finance Establish and implement a budget process that examines all areas of efficiency and effectiveness and provides a thorough and efficient education for all students. Facilities Complete transition of the Board Offices to Drummond School by October 31, 2011.

3 District Goals Climate and Culture Improve the climate and culture of student and staff relationships in the middle school and high school. Student Achievement In grades 3, 4, and 5 examine students’ performance in mathematics to identify strengths and weaknesses. Take steps to address the weaknesses.

4 Budget Forum Calendar Draft Budget – “Backwards Design” in progress 2% Cap Efficiencies Examined Subscription Busing Pay to Participate Energy Efficiency Options Continue to Explore Revenue Sources Finance & Facilities

5 Architect – Developed Minimum Requirements Plan Strict adherence to specifications Reutilization of materials Minimum Renovations Replace windows – single pane to double Existing lavatories – children’s fixtures replaced & handicapped compliance New lavatories Insulation

6 Climate & Culture – MS & HS In-service “Through New Eyes: Examining the Culture of Your School” Link student achievement, PLCs, & school culture

7 Climate & Culture - Leadership Strategies for Changing Culture “Tight” – to clarify shared purpose and priorities: Instructional Framework Learning is the fundamental purpose of school “Loose” – within the “tight” components: Latitude for collective and individual innovation Empowerment Autonomy

8 Climate & Culture -In-service to Staff Culture Team Norms SMART Goals Common Formative Assessment Interpreting and Using Data Monitoring Individual Student Performance

9 Professional Learning Communities Team Norms SMART goals S= Strategic and Specific M= Measurable A= Attainable R= Results-Oriented T= Time bound Minutes and Feedback Reporting and Sharing with Larger Audience

10 Pyramid of Intervention Implementation – focus on student support and strategies for teachers Benchmarks Assess Outcomes

11 Student Achievement - Mathematics Grades 3,4, & 5 – Analysis of hard and soft data Develop data bank Research “best practices” PLCs model

12 Student Achievement – Mathematics Analysis of baseline math assessments 2010 NJASK Final Exams Learnia End of Year Assessments Professional Development October – Data Analysis & Formative Assessments EnVision Math (grades K-2)

13 Student Achievement - Mathematics Identified math proficiencies as required in 6 th grade Aligned curriculum to new NJCCS/National Standards Conducting cross level and building articulation Identified areas in need of attention Participated in Math Interventions Workshop Creating and using common formative assessments

14 Monitoring Progress of PLCs Classroom Walkthroughs SMART Goals Activities Collaboration at Team/Faculty meetings to report outcomes Examination of Data – Student Progress


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