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SHED CONSTRUCTION A Visual Guide. C.A.D. Example.

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2 C.A.D. Example

3 Obtain a Slab Foundation

4 Glue the Back Wall on First

5 Attach One Side Wall

6 Install the Other Side Wall Make sure BOTH side walls are either inside or outside the front and back walls.

7 Use Tape to Hold the Walls Straight Apply a second layer of studs to the top of the walls. This is called a DOUBLE TOP PLATE. They should overlap at the corners to hold walls together.

8 Cut Front Siding Material Use the front wall as a template to trace windows and door openings

9 Attach Siding to Front Wall. Trim as necessary

10 Build Two Door Frames Hinge the doors with tape

11 Attach siding to exterior door frames

12 Trim Windows and Doors Use a thin Sharpie marker to draw panes on a small square of clear plastic and glue to the inside of each window. Half a staple door handle A pin or tack would be even better!

13 Exterior Siding on the Sides Install exterior siding on both the left and right sides.

14 Finished Front Add two trim pieces to hide the gap between front and side wall

15 Label the Following Parts (On the INSIDE of the front wall with small white paper strips) Header Rough Sill Double Top Plate King Stud Cripple Stud Trimmer Stud Sole Plate

16 Parts of a Wall

17 Finished Labels

18 Back Wall Looking In

19 Fireproofing The front wall will remain uncovered on the inside. Cover the left wall with interior siding. Install fire-resistant material inside the right wall before installing interior siding. – Cotton? – Aluminum foil? – Foam? – ? Leave the back wall completely open, front and back.

20 TRUSSES Use truss template to build EIGHT trusses. Make them as EXACT as you can. Even slight differences will make the roof not fit right. Place all 8 trusses together in a clamp and sand them before installing!

21 Add 4 gussets to each truss where each piece comes together. Label one gusset and one truss.

22 All Roof Trusses Up

23 Add Roof to One Side 1.One layer of black construction paper – to resemble plywood and tar paper 2.Thin strips of sandpaper or brown paper to resemble shingles. Build bottom to top.

24 EXTRA CREDIT Carpeting Flooring Plastic in the windows with window “panes” Furniture Artwork on the walls TV on the wall “Grass” Sidewalk/walkway Trees, bushes, and/or flowers Other

25 What’s Next? We will build a neighbor-friendly fence on two sides of your shed. We will place one army man inside each shed. For those willing to sacrifice their shed, we will pour an equal amount of flammable material inside each shed and catch them on fire to test their fire-resistance. We will complete a reflection in our engineering notebooks to compare how each shed performed.

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