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History of Photography

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1 History of Photography
By: Kaelynn Gomez, Kourtney Grunlien

2 Camera Obscura The definition of camera obscura, is a darkened box with a convex lens or aperture for projecting the image of an external object onto a screen inside. It’s important historically in the development of photography. A small round building with a rotating angled mirror at the apex of the roof, projecting an image of the landscape onto a horizontal surface inside The earliest mention of this type of device was by the Chinese philosopher Mo-Ti in the 5th century BC. In the 19th century with improved lenses that could cast larger and sharper images, the camera obscura flourished at the seaside and in the areas of scenic beauty.

3 Daguerreotype Daguerreotype is a photograph taken by an early photographic process employing an iodine-sensitized slivered plate and mercury vapor. It was made in 1826.

4 Gelatine Emulsion Photographic emulsion is a light-sensitive colloid. Most commonly, in silver-gelatin photography is consists of silver halide crystals dispersed in gelatin. The emulsion is usually coated onto substrate of glass, films of cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate of polyester, paper or fabric. Developed in 1871 to understand and recreate the characteristic look of the late 19th century photography.

5 Action photographs and Muybridge
Edward Muybridge was an Englishman, who in 1877 took single frame images viewed in rapid succession by some form of mechanism, to create an illusion of movement.

6 Zoetrope A 19th century optical toy consisting of a cylinder with a series of pictures on the inner surface that, when viewed through slits with the cylinder rotating, give an impression of continuous motion. Invented in 1834 by William George Horner

7 Kodak Eastman Kodak developed the handheld camera, which was called the Kodak camera.

8 Digital Photography Steven Sasson, who was an engineer at Kodak, built the first electronic camera in 1975.

9 1826 Frenchman Nicephore Niepce produces first permanent photgraph from a view of nature. It took 8 hours to produce.

10 1850 Frenchman Louis-Desire Blanquart-Evrard makes positive photographic points on paper coated with egg whites.

11 1861 In London, James Clerk Maxwell demonstrates a projected color photographic image, using 3 different color filters.

12 August 1877 American Eadweard Muybridge develops a fast shutter that aids him in making photographs objects in motion.

13 1888 George Eastman introduces the “roll holder breast camera” known generally as the Kodak camera, the retail cost was $25.

14 1895 A German named Willhelm Roentgen invented a type of photography that was named the x- ray. It became a very important part of the medical world.

15 1900 The Brownie camera was invented.

16 1907-continued Louis Lumiere came out with the Autochrome, which was the first color camera to be available, after this the world of photography became more and more advanced coming out with things such as the zoom lense, etc.

17 Bibliography

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