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Leeds Curriculum for Induction 2014/15 updated 210514.

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1 Leeds Curriculum for Induction 2014/15 updated 210514

2 Leeds Curriculum What is the Leeds Curriculum? The distinctive Leeds Curriculum has research at the heart of your education in your chosen subject(s) Characteristic of a research-intensive Russell Group University Shaping your learning journey in both depth and breadth Its distinctiveness lies in these key elements: 1.Research-based Learning (RBL) - research at the heart of your academic experience 2. Core Programme Threads – Ethics & Responsibility, Global & Cultural Insights & Employability 3. Broadening – opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills in the context of 10 Discovery Themes

3 Leeds Curriculum What makes the Leeds Curriculum particularly distinctive? Your journey begins with learning about the latest research - from academics, many of whom are engaged in cutting-edge research related to your subject(s) Then you develop the necessary research skills and academic knowledge - to engage in the research process within your chosen subject(s) Culminating in a final year project; experiencing research first-hand (RBL) - supervised and supported by academic staff who are often themselves experienced researchers

4 Leeds Curriculum What else is distinctive? Core Programme Threads – running through your programme Ethics & responsibility – engaging in ethical issues to demonstrate how, more generally, to act responsibly and professionally and to make informed decisions Global & cultural insights - opportunities to engage with and value multiple perspectives, eg social, geographic, political, economic, legal, environmental, and technological. Also acknowledging and appreciating the implications of diversity Employability - raising your awareness of key attributes and skills and developing these to become more employable

5 Leeds Curriculum Broadening – within and/or outside your programme including: 1000+ ‘discovery’ modules on offer across 10 different Discovery Themes that: provide a co-ordinated and structured series of related modules to explore a specific subject, issue or skill which lies beyond the core content of your programme broaden your intellectual horizons and explore key questions that will affect your future life develop intellectual flexibility that will enable you to compete and contribute in the workplace and in wider society provide opportunities within and outside of your studies to enrich and broaden your experience; for example - study abroad, work experience

6 Leeds Curriculum – Discovery Themes Discovery Themes and modules The 10 Discovery Themes are: 1. Creating Sustainable Futures 2. Enterprise and Innovation 3. Ethics, Religion and Law 4. Exploring the Sciences 5. Languages and Intercultural Understanding 6. Media, Culture and Creativity 7. Mind and Body 8. Personal and Professional Development 9. Power and Conflict 10. Technology and its Impacts

7 Leeds Curriculum – Discovery Themes What next? Discovery Themes website Detailed information on all the discovery modules is on a dedicated website Simply: 1.log on to the Portal 2.go to LeedsforLife 3.go to Broadening tab on menu Discovery Themes Fair 24 September in the Great Hall - to enable you to seek advice and guidance in choosing your discovery modules

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