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Maintenance and Renewal of Full Registration Current as at November 2014.

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2 Maintenance and Renewal of Full Registration Current as at November 2014

3 Standards for Teachers – Northern Territory and Australian Teachers in the Northern Territory practised according to the eight NT Standards up to the end of 2012 In 2011 (the beginning of the renewal period for most teachers in NT) and 2012 teachers practised according to the standard for their career stage under the NT Standards The NT Standards CEASED to exist as of 31 st December 2012 The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers CAME INTO OPERATION in the Northern Territory (via gazette notice in November 2012) on 1 January 2013

4 Quality Teachers Australian Teacher & Performance Development Framework Certification of Highly Accomplished & Lead Teacher Nationally consistent approach to teacher registration Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 3 National Agenda

5 Quality Teachers Australian Teacher & Performance Development Framework Certification of Highly Accomplished & Lead Teacher Nationally consistent approach to teacher registration Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 4 National Agenda cont’

6 c&

7 Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Implementation - January 2013 Dual purpose: improvement accountability Map progression: Graduate Proficient Highly Accomplished Lead

8 Proficient (minimum standard by which fully registered teachers practice) Full Registration Lead (subject to voluntary certification) Highly Accomplished (subject to voluntary certification)

9 What are the Requirements to Maintain and Renew the Category of Full Registration? Teachers in the Northern Territory are granted the category of Full Registration for a 5 year period Currency of practice = minimum 180 days of practice over a five year period (one full year of teaching) & Professional Learning = minimum 100 hours of professional development/professional learning Teachers provide evidence of meeting renewal requirements (other than the payment of fees) on the fifth anniversary of their registration renewal.


11 What is the Difference between Professional Development and Professional Learning Professional DevelopmentProfessional Learning Refers to what teachers do and experience that provide the opportunities to enhance professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement. Describes growth in knowledge, skills and attitudes that come from being engaged in professional development activities, processes and experiences. Teachers and other educators often use the terms “professional learning” and “professional development” interchangeably. The Board uses the term “professional learning” to reflect more accurately that it is not just the knowledge gained in a professional development session that makes the most difference to professional practice, but how this knowledge is applied.

12 Board Policy Professional Development Programs, courses and conferences attended off-site/online Faculty or staff meetings involving discussion of approaches to teaching and learning Programs, courses and conferences in the school setting Professional reading Professional Teaching Association PD events Mentoring another teacher Tertiary study related to a specific teaching field Being mentored by another teacher Structured networking with teachers from other schools School visits and exchanges

13 Effective professional learning seeks to develop teachers and school leaders who are adaptable and able to deal with new and unexpected challenges It exposes teachers to new and emerging practices and the theories that underpin them It should focus not simply on improving existing practice, but also on assisting teachers and school leaders to understand the theory behind what practices work in different situations, and when and how to apply a broad repertoire of strategies

14 How Do I Keep a Record of Professional Development/Professional Learning? You can: Keep a personal log electronically or in written form OR Access the DoE Professional Learning System (available to anyone who has an ntschools account) Go to bottom of the page to Professional Learning Opportunities, click on it to bring up the Professional Learning System Teachers need to keep evidence of the PD activities on their log

15 Professional Development Activities Log Teachers NameRegistration Number Standards Addressed in the PD Activity (Tick those that apply) Date Professional Development Activity & Presenter Hours 1234567 Professional Learning Reflection

16 What Could Evidence Look Like? Notes related to readings, reflections, activities or presentations Attendance certificates Teaching programs, plans or records Diaries or reflective journals Copies of articles or workshop/conference papers that a teacher has contributed to or presented Annotated student work samples – this could also include videos Log of employer/sector professional learning activities attended Any other material that will show the nature and extent of participation in activities undertaken This is not an exhaustive list

17 Certificates are excellent as evidence of PD particularly if they state the number of hours on them You would still need to evaluate which standards the PD related to. CERTIFICATE

18 Reflection on Training I attended the 8 hour training course for ITE Accreditation Panel Training. In my role as xxxxxxxx I found this training enhanced my knowledge of the requirements for providers when writing an ITE course for accreditation, and how this will assist the growth and quality of our new teachers to the profession. The training also provided me with insight as to the standards in action and how this process is a nationally consistent process which will ultimately lead to a high quality of education and training for our teachers of the future. The information and the skills gained at the training will also inform the work I do with teachers in schools particularly when mentoring pre-service teachers SAMPLE REFLECTION

19 This is considered as professional development as the facilitator would have needed to research the necessary content for a particular workshop and also given consideration to the enrichment it will provide for the registered teacher who attends Facilitation of Workshops

20 Courses and/or Conferences off site or online When providing evidence of professional development and professional learning which you have participated in, you could provide verification of an application and support that with conference notes or course notes

21 What Happens at the End of the Five Year Renewal Period? Teachers will submit an online application for renewal The renewal will relate to: Currency of practice Professional development/professional learning Fit and proper person Full details will be made available to the first group of teachers to renew during 2014

22 Audit When a teacher is required to validate their declaration as part of the audit process, the following will be required by the Board: Evidence validating 180 days of teaching service, educational leadership and/or equivalent practice over the previous five years: Statement of Service/Statement of Employment obtained from employer Evidence validating standards referenced professional development activities A summary of completed activities supported by evidence

23 For Further Information Visit (This page is currently under construction to update the new requirements and will be available to teachers before the end of 2014) Call 08 89449388 Email

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