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FasTracks Moving Forward: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Amendment Staff Recommendation Phillip A. Washington and Team August 7, 2012.

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1 FasTracks Moving Forward: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Amendment Staff Recommendation Phillip A. Washington and Team August 7, 2012

2 2 FasTracks Guiding Principles Staff relied heavily on our Guiding Principles to develop our approach for the RTP Amendment –Ensure every step contributes to the full vision –Focus money available to the greatest good –Spend public money wisely –Maximize outside funding before going to taxpayers –Deliver key investments in all corridors Build As Much As We Can As Fast As We Can Until It Is All Done!

3 3 RTP Amendment Overview RTD’s current assumption is to complete all of FasTracks with the existing 0.4 percent sales and use tax –RTD Board and stakeholders determined timing is not right to pursue a 2012 election; Board has not identified a future election year Due to this decision, RTD needs to update DRCOG’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), which identifies transportation projects that can be funded through 2035 –The RTP must be fiscally constrained to keep the entire region in line for federal funding –RTD, CDOT, and the region’s cities and counties must submit specific project lists and construction timeframes for all projects to be completed prior to 2035 to ensure the RTP remains fiscally constrained

4 4 RTP Amendment Overview (cont.) RTD must submit an RTP Amendment in August 2012 –This submittal will represent a snap-shot in time, and will change as new opportunities arise –A full SB 208 report will be submitted in early 2014 The projects identified for completion by 2035 are based on their ability to leverage public/private funds and/or receive federal grants The project list and placeholder schedule can be revised through future RTP Amendments Staff requests formal recommendation tonight from the FasTracks Monitoring Committee on the proposed content of the RTP Amendment

5 5 Recommended List of Projects for RTP Amendment and Rationale Currently committed projects: Covers projects under construction and those funded through the $305 M I-225: RTD Board has approved construction of the entire line North Metro DUS to 72nd: Completing this segment positions North Metro for a future New Starts grant for the rest of the project US 36 Bus Rapid Transit to Table Mesa (remaining commitment): Allows RTD to continue partnering with CDOT and HPTE to leverage state funding and toll revenues Southeast Extension: Allows RTD to begin the New Starts grant application process –Process takes several years to complete; no Board decision on local match for 15 – 18 months

6 6 RTP Amendment: Financial Plan Results Assuming No Additional Revenues 2013 – 20182018 – 20302030 – 2035POST RTP 2035 – 2044 West Rail Line (2013) Central Corridor Planning Study (2012/2013) Central Extension US 36 Bus Rapid Transit: $120 M for Managed Lanes to 88 th Street (2012 – 2014) and $15M for Managed Lanes to Table Mesa (2014 – 2015) US 36: Remaining RTD Commitment Denver Union Station (2015) Northwest Rail: Longmont Station (2015) Northwest Rail: Westminster to Longmont Southwest Corridor Extension: UP Rail Line Relocation (2015) Southwest Extension Eagle Project (2016) I-225 (2016) Southeast Extension: Completion of New Starts Application (2016) Southeast Extension North Metro: Construction to Stock Show (2017) North Metro: Stock Show to 72 nd North Metro: 72 nd to 162 nd

7 7 Opportunities for Schedule Acceleration Successful future sales tax election –Potential RTD initiative –Potential RTD/CDOT initiative Better than expected sales tax revenues Additional grants, unsolicited proposals or public-private partnerships Current construction projects completed under budget Partnering with our stakeholders to make every dollar count through –Early agreement on project scope and no additional changes during construction –Timely reviews and permit approvals –Maximizing opportunities for local match

8 8 Looking Ahead August 2012: Formal RTD Board action on RTP Amendment and financial plan; submittal of RTP Amendment to DRCOG February 2013: RTP Amendment approval by DRCOG Ongoing: Regional dialogue on implementation of the entire FasTracks program February 2014: RTD submittal of a new SB 208 report

9 9 Marking Off Milestones

10 10 Southeast Corridor Extension – New Starts Grant Application RTD will request “Entry into Preliminary Engineering (PE),” the first of three major milestones in the New Starts grant process, in September 2012 –The full New Starts process will take a minimum of 2 ½ years to complete As part of this initial submittal, RTD needs to demonstrate a “reasonable assumption” for when local match funding will be available for this project –Final RTD Board decision about the allocation of local match funding will not be required for another 15 – 18 months –RTD has initiated discussions with local stakeholders about the potential for external sources of local match funding for this project A financial plan will be submitted to FTA as part of RTD’s request to enter PE that will: –Be consistent with the RTP amendment, except that RTD would assume some sort of placeholder financing in 2015/2016 that could accelerate the Southeast Corridor Extension project to be completed by 2018. This placeholder financing could ultimately be filled through an external source of local match funding.

11 11 Questions?

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