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+ Curriculum Vitae (CV) Center for Career Development.

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1 + Curriculum Vitae (CV) Center for Career Development

2 + Curriculum Vitae A Curriculum Vitae is commonly referred to as a CV. It is a more detailed synopsis of your skills, education, and experience than a standard resume. It provides a detailed summary of accomplishments: Academic Professional Personal

3 + CV vs. Resume The most basic difference between a CV and a resume is LENGTH. The CV will typically be between 3 - 5 pages in length, whereas a resume is limited to 1 - 2 pages.

4 + When do I use a CV? A CV is used primarily when applying for academic, scientific and/or research positions. It is also applicable when applying for fellowships or grants. CVs are often requested for graduate school applications. A CV is standard when applying for positions abroad. Note: Employers overseas may expect personal information to be included that would not be legally requested in the U.S., i.e. date of birth, nationality, etc., as well as hobbies/interests, and sometimes even a picture.

5 + Purpose of CV The main purpose of the CV is to elaborate on your educational background and academic pursuits. The CV provides the opportunity to highlight specific coursework within your program of study. The CV also provides details about your complete employment history, including field placements, practicums, internships, job shadowing, etc. NOTE: Be sure to include research projects, presentations, grants, etc., as well as professional memberships, honors, awards, scholarships, etc.

6 + CV Format The CV is formatted similar to a resume, including a header with name and complete contact information. Consider this section as your own personal letterhead. *Caution: Email/Cell Phone The CV can include a summary statement highlighting your area of expertise, years of experience, etc. Example: Five years of nursing experience including clinical rotations in pediatrics, surgical, psychiatric, and community health. The CV will include similar sections to a resume such as education, experience, skills. The CV may also include a variety of remaining section headers.

7 + Standard CV Sections Academic Background Professional Licenses Certifications Relevant Work Experience Additional Work Experience Skills Honors/Awards Professional Development Research Grants Community Service Consulting, if applicable Affiliations References

8 + How do I write a CV (or resume) if I have little or no experience? Include ALL experiences – paid or unpaid. Consider volunteering, field experiences, internships, mentorships, part-time jobs, temporary positions. Include leadership opportunities through clubs/organizations, class projects, etc. Consider research projects, coursework, academic achievements, etc. Even hobbies that are directly relevant to the position you are seeking may be included.

9 + Let’s Help Jane!

10 + Questions? Center for Career Development Schuster Student Success Center, Suite 102 (706) 507-8760

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