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Chapter 3 Section 1 The Revolution Begins.

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1 Chapter 3 Section 1 The Revolution Begins

2 Colonists were split on choosing sides on the American Revolution.
Patriots /minutemen Loyalists/Tories Colonists that fought for independence. Colonists that remained loyal to Great Britain.

3 1a. What was the First Continental Congress?
A meeting of colonial delegates to determine what to do about the crisis in Boston. Year: 1774 Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Georgia colony was not present Actions Taken: halted trade with Britain, prepared militias for war and Declaration of Rights.

4 1b. Why did the First Continental Congress send the Declaration of Rights to the king?
To tell the king the rights the colonies wanted-life, liberty, and property.

5 1c. Why do you think King George III refused to consider the colonists’ Declaration of Rights?
King George III was angry and did not think the colonists had a right to protest.

6 2a. Who warned the colonists of the British advance toward Concord?
Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott

7 2b. Why did the British army march on Lexington and Concord?
To destroy the militia weapons stored in Concord. Place: Massachusetts colony Massachusetts part of New England colonies Famous cities: Boston, Lexington, and Concord

8 2c. What do you think is meant by expression the “shot heard ‘round the world?”
The first shot of the American Revolution had a large impact on the world.

9 3a. What was the purpose of the Second Continental Congress?
Created a Continental Army for defense, while pursuing peace with Great Britain. Year: 1775 Place: Philadelphia Actions Taken: formed army and sent Olive Branch Petition. George Washington takes command of the army and becomes a general.

10 Olive Branch Petition Is a document asking the king to restore harmony(peace) between Britain and the colonies.

11 3b. How was the Continental Army able to drive British forces out of Boston?
George Washington and his men placed cannons on Nook’s Hill overlooking Boston; exposed British were forced to retreat.

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